"Je ne crois ni qu’on se protège du réel par des illusions, ni que le réel ait un sens.
C’est plus compliqué que cela et, même, ce n’est pas ça du tout.

"I do not believe that neither one protects oneself from the real by illusions, nor that the real has a meaning.
It's more complicated than that and, even, it's not that at all."

( Clément Rosset - PHILOSOPHIE Magazine - Eté 2o15 )"

- egosite : L'E-perso qui se liE comme il s'écriE

- pictosophic blog-note : Entropy ≥ Memory . Creativity²

- flickrian hyperpoem : In-between the median void breath

- pictosophic aliquid interceptive & parallactic moving : co~errAnce

jef safi ( pseudo de Joël Dézafit )

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    walter carich says:

    "I am fascinated whit your mind,Joel.
    Love those who conect before the concretion of yours images.
    You are one special combination, maybe the unique artist I can see in the last time, maybe the unique nutriment I can eat.
    Thanks jef safi!"

    August 10th, 2012

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    daliborlev says:

    "J-E-F may sometimes seem to clever for their own good, but their work is always technically perfect, paintainkingly thought-out and it stands out here on Flickr on the first sight.

    You may not like or understand everything, but you wait for every new thing nonetheless."

    October 4th, 2009

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    fernandoprats says:

    "I'm not very interested in Joël's photos and fortunately... he neither!

    joël . . ( °.?°) . . 's pictosophy is a provocative instrument un-experts re-commend taking it with you for your everyday rides around Entropyland.

    a+ccumulating? hmm... win-creating!"

    February 16th, 2008

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    whyswomen says:

    "I am not completely certain who JEF is or are, but I do know that the photography I see on these pages is exquisite, often playful, and always thought provoking...and make me look at life from a slightly different perspective...

    I have visited the website, and although I do not understand the words I see on the page, I am pretty sure that the photos of jef safi speak a language we can all understand..."

    June 18th, 2006

jef Safi
May 2006
Entropy ≥ Memory ● Creativity ²