Hi everyone!

I am a retired lecturer, amateur nature photographer, and many other things...

My husband Fred and I explore the local forests around Perth and find many treasures. We both enjoy photographing the things we see.

Names of invertebrates are put on in good faith, from contacts or research. If any are wrong please contact me.
Please remember that insects depicted on these pages may be outwardly similar and photographs should not be used as the sole means of identification.

Databases I have contributed my photos to:
Eades, D.C. & D. Otte. Orthoptera Species File Online. Version 2.0/3.5. 27 June 2009
My photos

Lacewing Digital Library

Mydid and Apoicera (flies) on Apioceridae & Mydidae web-site

My Bug links

Secrets of Macro Insect Photography
Set your camera to take the highest size and quality image
I use direct sunlight and flash.
Get to know your insects of how and when they move.
Some insects are active in the morning and others at night (Use lights and sheets)
Avoid shadows falling on them.
Move very slowly around them. (Like a sloth)
Any jerky movement will alert them and most likely scare them away.
Some insects do not worry about you being there, others are very flighty.
Take lots of photos starting from afar and move in slowly taking more as you go.
Take a breath as you press the trigger.
Press gently, don’t jab.
Use a tripod system with your elbows on the ground, knees – kneel if you need to get low. You will get your clothes grubby but it is worth it. :-)
Enjoy the insect/invertebrate.
Happy snapping.

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    • • • • • • • • • • • • says:

    "Diligence and a deep abiding love for her subjects be
    they Trigger plants, Robber flies or simply the west Australian landscape best describes Jean's devotion to her photographic skill and art. Macros that transcend the ordinary her hallmark; are always a delight to see. A very real pleasure to be a part of her personal experience, be it in the bush or her own back yard. Kudos!
    - Ryn"

    January 23rd, 2009

Jean and Fred
August 2006
Perth, Australia
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