I'm an administrator for some Flickr groups, including Franklin County, Indiana, Interstate 65, and Wedding Party Street Photography, and I've just (July 2020) started a group for things Named after General John J. Pershing. Please contribute if you can!


I've been a photographer to some degree or other since I was a kid, maybe five years old or so, shooting with a passed-down Brownie Hawkeye Flash rollfilm camera, which I still have. I've since gathered more similar cameras and still sometimes shoot 120 rollfilm with them. There was an unfortunate period in the early '80s when I was shooting Disc film. This was followed around 1987 or so by my first 35mm camera, a Minolta SRT-101, which I still use and like so much I've picked up a couple of additional bodies over the years. Used to shoot and develop a lot of Kodak Plus-X and Tri-X black and white film, and really loved shooting the original Ektar (especially 25!) print films and Kodachrome and Ektar slide films. My first digital camera was the Canon EOS 10D which I still absolutely love, but I do wish the batteries worked a bit better after all this time. These days I shoot mostly with my phone camera, a Samsung Galaxy S7 which gets good sharp photos and color for general use. It's so convenient because I always have it with me anyway. But I will still make an effort and pack the 10D or an SRT-101 for special occasions or desired effects.

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