J.B. Camera Designs was created by a passionate photographer and photo equipment enthusiast. The idea for the first custom designed GRIP-CASE came after I scratched the bottom surface of my new Fuji X100, while I was setting it down to chase my kids playing in the driveway. I tried the leather half-cases available, but did not like the flimsy nature of a leather case and the unstable base they created. I sketched out the original design, and the rest is history.


We worked really hard to come up with the right texture and material that gives the maximum grip softness while still maintaining the rigidity require for stable camera operations. I hope you enjoy the product as much as I have, and you find the unique features very valuable. We are proud that all J.B. Camera Designs products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Thank you for you interest in our GRIP-CASES!


- J.B.

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