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Live web camera at: Pawnee Prairie Land

==================- HDR Info -===================
I just started doing HDR in Sep 2006.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. An image can only hold so much information, however some digital cameras can record more information than you see in an image. These can be saved to a computer in RAW format for further manipulation. RAW's can be converted to HDR format, where all the information is in the image. But they look bad, so then you have to tone map them.

Another way, and recently I found a better way to make an HDR file is to combine several different exposures of the same image. So if you have a tripod, ANY, digital camera will work. You just need to find how you change your exposures. Some have an exposure change with a + or - option, some allow you to change the aperture, while others the shutter speed. Some will let you change the ISO. All will work, as long as you get an over exposed image, a normal image, and an underexposed image.

To make an HDR, and subsequent tone mapped JPG you need a program, or plugin that will handle the RAW, and HDR formats, and will do the tone mapping.

You can use PhotoImpac from Ulead at
You can use Photoshop with or with out a plugin
Most people use the program built for HDR's called Photomatix, or use the Photomatix plugin for Photoshop

Photomatix is easy to use but expensive.

The following links explain HDR a lot better than I can:

HDR is a kick. If, after you take a look at the above, you have question. Please, let me know and I will try to help


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    blue alarm says:

    "You have some really spectacular work here! Bravo!


    December 23rd, 2007

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    EternalVoid says:

    "Just as writers are particularly effective when they 'write what they know', familiarity with their subject lends profundity to the work of photographers. Jim's delightful photographs are absolute proof of this.

    HIs camera serves as an instrument through which he channels his sensitivity and creative vision providing us a wonderful window into the myriad facets of life in his slice of Wyoming - from the breathtakingly beautiful and dramatic landscapes to the peculiar quirks of life on the prairie.

    I will never cease to be envious of a man who can walk out of the front door (and the back door too, apparently!) of his house and be treated to such gorgeous views. His very organic photographic interpretations of his farm equipment - the tractor and the 'ol' hay rake' - have become very familiar to me and I look forward to his different takes on these humble devices that bear such a deep relationship to the land.

    Over the months that I have known Jim through his work I have always delighted in the composition and technique of his photographs but what I value even more is the simplicity and effectiveness of what is conveyed... and that is what separates great photographers from the rest."

    November 14th, 2006

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    Doxieone says:

    "From the moment I first saw JBAT's photos, I was in love with his photographic skills.

    When I take a photograph, I aim and pray for a decent result. When he takes a photo, he aims and KNOWS he has done well.

    He is one of the best of the best photographers on Flickr, and I'm not just saying that to say that.

    I am proud to consider him not just a Flickr contact, but.... one of my FAVORITE Flickr contacts, and friend.

    Peace go with you.


    October 30th, 2006

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    Paula Bertrán says:

    "From monuments , old shops , a flag, malboro horses sunset ...... to the deep colors and textures of his country .
    He discover in horses, figures carved in stone , tractors coloresd , art . Photo art .
    With feeling , with intention. Meaning .
    Full of versions of his own work , and new ideas for the expectator .
    Jim Taylor is a representative of his Southern Wyoming , and the USA .
    Showing a new perspective, to us , people from far away countries, Photo lovers , his own eye behind the lens .
    An honor tome write about his work."

    September 15th, 2006

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