My name's Josh. I do stuff, and take photos, then post them here.


I blog at Paper Bits, and use Twitter a bit.

If you'd like to know about anything else, why not ask?

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  • Erika and me by paperbits
  • Erika and me by paperbits
  • The dinner crew by David Mead
  • Kyle, Josh, and April by David Mead
  • April & Josh @ Drink by David Mead
  • 28 October, 18.35 by
  • 28 October, 18.17 by
  • The persistence of material by anselm23
  • @paperbits by Crystal Ayala
  • 5 things I learned today - Weekly Episode 3 Season 2 Travel Edition on Vimeo by Ryan Nance by rtsnance
  • Sad Panda by paperbits
  • 29 October, 13.39 by

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    E. Howe says:

    "Jazz has got to be one of the most deliciously twisted people I know. And he's wicked smart, too.

    He helps me with my stoopid Macuser questions.

    And he does the cutest bunny impressions."

    January 29th, 2006

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    Dylerpillar says:

    "Some people make hundreds of plans and never act on them. They just forget about them.

    Other people make so many plans that they never find the time to carry them all out, and sometimes spend so much time trying to do everything that they don't really do anything.

    Jazz uses a regimen of cards and other techniques so he doesn't forget what he wants to do. This also helps defend against unwittingly putting more morsels on his plate than he has the time to eat, so to speak. I'll never understand how he can bring himself to such a level of organization, but then again I don't have to; I can just enjoy hearing about the results."

    January 27th, 2006

Josh DiMauro
August 2004
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