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A squirrel cage rotor is the rotating part commonly used in an AC induction motor. The name is derived from the similarity between this rings-and-bars winding and the wheel on which pet rodents (including squirrels) run.

What's the meaning of this semi-obscure text about me? Simple: I'm not a photographer, just someone who likes to be called JaulaDeArdilla. I take lots of not-specially-good photos with not-specially-good cameras about what I see, where I go, what I eat...

If you want to use my photos in your web / site / blog / magazine / educational poster (yes, there's one with my teeth) / whatever-you-call-it, just credit me as JaulaDeArdilla and go ahead ...as long as it's for non-commercial use.

It will be enough if you credit me in your site a provide a link back to the original photo in flickr.

I'll be pleased if you notify me the specific link via FlickrMail. Thanks !

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  • Culebra bastarda by JokiMon

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    Jetfire -- The CAT Autobot says:

    "Una jaula en una caja, es una jaula enjaulada?
    La jaula tiene dentro una ardilla, inquieta, expectante, siempre a punto para moverse."

    October 14th, 2007

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    JokiMon says:

    "This guy is a live form of the Estroboskopical School. When he shot a photo and flash fades, he disappears like an impaled pig on St. Valentine's day."

    February 9th, 2007

September 2006
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