Photos are taken by both Jackie and David, although the photos are processed and the site is maintained by Jackie. We enjoy traveling and taking (and also looking at others') photographs.

Jackie also enjoys collecting postcards, and has recently begun to scan 60+ years' worth of cards. Unfortunately, she did not think to make a second Flickr account for postcards until it was too late :-((, and so this account is a hodgepodge of both photos and postcards (and other ephemera now as well). Please just dive in, and be patient (you can also navigate our sets -- all postcards are in just one collection, photos are in all the others - AND all postcards are clearly identified as such in the image titles in our photostream).

Update: We have now marked all photos with a "photo" tag - just click on that tag to get photos instead of postcards, which seem to be inexorably taking over this site.

FURTHER UPDATE (Feb. 2016): Our photos get so lost amongst all those postcards and ephemera, so I have made a series of albums, “ALL PHOTOS – PHOTOS ONLY”, as a convenient way for those who just want to see the photos that Dave and I take. Am starting from the photo(s) most recently added to our photostream (currently in ALL PHOTOS # 13) and working back. As new photos are uploaded, they will be added to the beginning of the current ALL PHOTOS album (# 13). Separate “subject” albums contain a more chronological and narrative presentation of various individual topics and trips.

We are over 50 years old (added for the "Senior Moments" group). :-)

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    MissDaisy44 says:

    "Jassy is wonderful to trade postcards with. She always follows through on promises, and her postcards always arrive in wonderful condition. She is a real asset to Flickr.


    September 12th, 2009

May 2007
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