I'm a writer these days, but I'm also an actor, and a former Marvel Comics story/art editor, where I worked on the X-Men. A great job to be sure, and a job without which I would not be where I am today.

My life has exposed me to a lot of great creative people all along the way, and it's also fed my love of pop culture, especially the stuff I grew up with in the 70's.

I've always liked the fact that the internet allows people to share the things they collect with others. That's helped me see and enjoy items from my own past -- items I might not otherwise see again, or be able to afford.

That's my goal here with my Flickr stuff -- to hopefully share something from our collective past. Or just to see something cool you might not otherwise have been able to see. Welcome to my show-and-tell.

Also, if you'd like to use any of my scans or photos for an article or book or anything like that, please get in touch.
If you've found something neat like an old candy wrapper or cereal box and your search led you to my Flickr images - and you'd like to ask me a question, drop me an e-mail.

You can reach me at: jasonliebig

Oh, that plus @yahoo.com

Thanks! -J

Photos of JasonLiebig (11)

  • Jason Liebig and his sweetie by OldManMusings
  • My new candy-focused profile pic - October 2013 by JasonLiebig
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  • I'm launching my new site today - CollectingCandy.com by JasonLiebig
  • Hamburger Helper Hand and Me by JasonLiebig
  • 1986 by JasonLiebig
  • John Byrne - Jason Liebig - Chris Claremont: Once and future X-Men - NYC 1994 by JasonLiebig
  • NYC Comic Con 2009 - Bishop the Last X-Man team - Joe Harris, Georges Jeanty, Jason Liebig (Me) by JasonLiebig
  • Combat Jump - Me and the boys - 1943, er, 2003 by JasonLiebig
  • Jason Liebig - 2006 Headshot by JasonLiebig
  • 1999 Wizard X-Men Special - My Interview - Pages 1-2 by JasonLiebig

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August 2006
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