Hi! My name is Jared Barnes (PhD in Horticulture). I am passionate about cultivating plants, cultivating gardeners, and cultivating life, and my photos are a testament to that.

I am posting photos on Flickr into organized sets with the intention that they may serve to...
- educate people about the flora, people, and places of the world (travel albums).
- provide gardeners with a month-by-month account of what performs well in gardens in zone 7/8 (garden calendar albums).
- provide cultivar comparisons for favorite genera (family albums).

All my photos are protected by copyright laws. I allow the use of my photos for educational purposes (e.g. teachers at high school or university classes); however, please first ask permission, and please give me credit. My email is esculentus@gmail.com.

If you would like to use my photos for personal use (garden talks, book chapters, magazine articles, etc.), I charge a small fee. Contact me at esculentus@gmail.com for prices.

Thanks for visiting, and until next time, keep growing!!!

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  • Field trippers in the Green Swamp -- looking for elusive native orchids... by jimf_29605

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Jared Barnes
June 2010
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