I took few pictures with SLR in Greece ’87. I left Poland in 86, visited Greece for year and a half … than, I moved to Canada – the warmest province British Columbia. I really like my corner of this great country – Vancouver. City with ocean, mountains, river, forest and so much more. Professionally I’m techie in telecom company ( Optinet Systems ) – techie, project manager, sales … anything. I’m workaholic in some way. I needed a hobby… so I got Digital Rebel and it started.
Now … 3 years has passed and I’m on my 5th Canon body ( 5D Mark II ) , bunch of lenses , my 3rd bag ( Slingshot 350 – the biggest ) . Few months ago I joined CAPA (The Canadian Association for Photographic Art) and proud member of Surrey Photography Club. This “hobby” have taken all my “free” time , my house looks like someone detonated small nuclear device , my garden just opposite …. It’s reversing back to nature.
Thank you all for all comments and friendship – I do appreciate this so much , I have been nowhere without your kind words. Now when I’m fully sucked in by viewfinder please if you could take a moment at critique the images , I will be grateful for the any points and suggestions.

Thank you again for the time you have spent with me ….. Janusz

If you wish to use my images please contact me first
janusz at optinetsystems dot com

The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.
.... Author Unknown

Something about HDR

Please , if you want to complement , don’t tell me “ Nice HDR ” . I like the technique but to replace the physical limitations of the sensor. I don’t create “HDRs” , I do create images . I use the technique with conjunction with overlaying single exposures and everything else to create what I have in mind. I never tell people “ this is straight from the camera “ , no it very seldom is. It takes good images to start with and sometimes hours of work. I want to get as much from nature as possible. When we travel , we are not always lucky enough to get perfect light , weather , sky …. and not always waiting for the perfect setup is in our power. I try to help ….
Thanks you for spending time with me .
I’m located in beautiful Vancouver , Canada. I do run HDR presentations and workshops.

Website ( under construction )

If you like to join me on Facebook - please attache quick email

Facebook – photography www.facebook.com/pages/Squareview/200026730012417

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Major Awards :

2008 – Surrey Photography Club , Photo Expo - Judged 2nd Place , Slide Show
“ Gaudi ”

2009 – Delta Photo Guild , Invitational Print Challenge - 1st place

2010 – Lions Gate Camera Club , Celebration of Nature Photography 2010
- 2nd place General Nature Mention & 1 of “ Best of show”
“I Believe in Angels”

2011 - North Shore Photographic Society, North Shore Photographic Challenge -

Individual Honourable Mention
“Spiritual Presence”

2011 - Lions Gate Camera Club , Celebration of Nature Photography 2010
– 3rd place General Nature Mention & 1 of 4 in “ Best of show”
“ Double Arch After Sunset”


2012 - North Shore Photographic Society, North Shore Photographic Challenge -

2nd place
“Darwin Award Moment Horseshoe Bend of Colorado River”

2012 - Lions Gate Camera Club , Celebration of Nature Photography 2012 - Honourable

Mention & 1 of 4 in “ Best of show” – 3rd place General Nature 29.9 points
“ Earth wind and Water”

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    schmidtrose says:

    "I think Janusz L is a wonderful photographer with an excellent sense of humour as often shown in his comments under his spectacular photos. He has a deep and strong appreciation for life in general, for his photography especially, and this shows in all his photos. I love that he enjoys, loves and appreciates his "new" country and city of choice to live in now, but appreciates every part of the world he has lived in or gone to see. I look forward to viewing anything Janusz posts as it is always so interesting and beautifully done."

    June 12th, 2011

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    Word Beasty says:

    "I could talk about your photos for a very long time. Most of the "rules" used in photography I see you follow. One key ingredient throughout almost all your work, and done perfectly I must add, is the way you use lighting. Slightly underexposed, most likely off a tripod with slow shutter and stopped down. Really adds ambiance and emotion to your work. You do absolutely superb work and have a beautiful eye for composition. Please tell me you use Photoshop and these shots are not simply amazing with no assist. If they are not "tweaked" I may give up photography forever as your work makes me feel really inadequate. Truly impressive images and thanks for sharing."

    August 26th, 2010

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    Imagemakercan - The Lensdancer says:

    "You say light can move you .... then you give us that vision using your incredible gift of capturing that light, so that it indeed moves us. Beauty one sees with the heart. Thank you for sharing your vision.
    I spend time wandering through your stream with my jaw hitting the keyboard. Each piece you share seems to be precisely orchestrated to play music for our eyes. You my friend are inspiring! You truly have found your passion.
    I am so pleased you chose this end of the world to call home. I was born, raised and still live here and I know that Vancouver really IS the best place on earth.
    When life gets tough sometimes, all we have to do is go outside and see the beauty before us and then we feel better. You know what I mean.
    Thank you janusz, I need to get over to the Surrey club one of these days to see you and your work in person.
    Cheers, Joy in Langley."

    December 23rd, 2009

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    Kris Kros says:

    "Janusz is one of my dearest friends on flickr. His images are so easy to love. In viewing his stream, you can see the dedication and devotion in his photography.

    And the best thing about this guy, he is a true friend.

    And I am one proud friend of Janusz."

    December 1st, 2009

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    Gosia-M says:

    "Po pierwsze ma serce
    Po drugie ma oko -dobre oko
    Po trzecie ma talent
    Po czwarte "to cos" :) co jak kompas prowadzi na tereny warte fotografii-jego fotografii
    i ta mieszanka i wiele wiecej daje niesamowite zdjecia :)

    Dzieki Mistrzu

    August 10th, 2009

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    Glimpse of Glory Photography / gerijean.photograph says:

    "ABSOLUTELY Beautiful stunning photography!
    Inspiring work and a great encourager as well!
    Blessed to have him as a contact!"

    February 19th, 2009

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    Harvey Brink - Canadian Visuals says:

    "Janusz was one of the first people I met when I joined Flickr in Nov/08. He has proven to be a great friend and support. His landscape,archetectural, and night photography are second to none and I view him as Vancouver's best photographic ambassador. Another admirable quality is that Janusz will go to just about any length to get an image, whether it's entering the murky water under a pier at night, or driving great distances. His latest project is photos from Ireland. I always look forward to getting glimpses of the world throught Janusz"s brillient eyes."

    February 15th, 2009

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    Chicago Love says:

    "Janusz my friend your work is an inspiration to me. I don't think anyone captures reflections, color and light quite like you do. Your angle is always clever and your hdr work is brilliant! Keep Shining!!"

    January 24th, 2009

Janusz Leszczynski
October 2006
Boleslawiec - Poland
Vancouver BC , Canada
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