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  • Spirituele huisreiniging Spirituele Raadgever by bieduwbedrijfaanbieduwbedrijfaan
  • Vintage Dandy by bettanyblueamazon
  • 196146_323550384399869_606852749_n by sahan19891989
  • 1209155_708203849196334_612649106_n by The Golden Jewellers
  • rush hour | lake ontario by TW Collins
  • Paris tilt 2, or... Flickr meeting :) by julioc.
  • Follow Friday by cins_city

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    Mademoiselle Monique says:

    "Janice is a talented and idea-driven individual. She is very original and unique. Not only her images grab and demand attention, they are filled with meaning and a story line. It seams as though she has no boundaries. From portraits, to landscapes and to her cocktails :) she takes these images and makes them her own. It's evident that she knows how to transform anything ordinary into something much more then that! It's a great pleasure for my eyes ! ☺ Thanks Janice!"

    September 6th, 2008

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    jump4joy says:

    "What strikes me the most about Liyen's photography is her ability to define a mood - with lighting, color, treatment, or composition - her photographs transport the viewer completely. She has amazing versatily in subject matter, excelling in lovely candid portraits, outstanding views of the natural world, and of course the best martini shots on Flickr! Her work as a moderator in the *Challenge You* group has revealed her to also be a person of kindness and insight. I always look forward to seeing what she will show us next."

    December 25th, 2007

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    totomai says:

    "oh liyen.. she doesnt know how much i admire her photos. so i have to tell her now through this testimonial. her portraiture / candid shots never fail to amaze me. i really like the style as they really define the word candid. second, her landscapes are truly mesmerizing. and lastly her liquor / beverage shots always makes me want to drink.

    i'll always be an admirer of your photos my friend :-)"

    October 29th, 2007

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    ~.charlie.~ ... says:

    "Liyen is one of my favourite photographers on flickr ... she has an incredible eye for candid portraits and her wonderful processing skills create magical moments for her subjects! she also does a fantastic martini shot! but truly, she has her own style and is incredibly versatile ... but her portraits stand out most in my mind whenever i think of liyen ... She ROCKS!!"

    July 27th, 2007

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    fl0yd/hyp0th3rmi4 says:

    "liyen was one of the first members I surfed the photostream since I'm con CY and also one of the first that commented my photos. Since that time I usually surf around on her stream and I always got surprised by her superb technique in photography. Even though she's good in many different kinds of shots, she completely stands out in portraits where she's able to capture the living moment, the expression, and the feelings of people... By the time I know her on flickr, I witnessed an increasing skill in making various different kind of portraits.. it is always a pleasure to see some new upload in her stream. Just have a look at her portrait set and wonder.."

    July 23rd, 2007

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    Bill Adams says:

    "In addition to being a genuinely kind human, liyen is an exceptional photographer with a discerning eye and a creative curiosity which guarantees a truly pleasurable journey for anyone who meanders through her diverse and delightful photostream."

    April 1st, 2007

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