Viewing the fine photographic work of so many fellow flickr photographers can be overwhelming. So much so that I can't quite find the words for a decent comment. Be assured that I marvel at your work and revisit my favorites often.

That's enough about you. As for me: My photographic raison d'etre lies in the satisfaction (and thrill) I get in framing an image in the camera's viewfinder. No post cropping. Hardly ever. There is evidence of an occasional obsessive-compulsive trait. Or two. (see inability to comment, above) Mostly I aim at architectural detail, automobile detail, compositions within compositions, and other stuff, especially if there are intriguing reflections, good lines, shadows, delicate leaves, concrete, a lot of grey. If there is not a lot of grey, I might make it so. I might also employ the twirl filter if a marble column seems in need of some surrealism. I generally do not interfere with the natural vibration of pink/blue, pink/yellow, salmon/black.

They say I earned my BA degree in Art from Humboldt State University (Northern California).

My circa-1999, hand-built, website has been neglected since 2008 but includes modest exhibition/award/critical comment listings, mostly dating from the 1980's &1990's. There are also portraits of me by renowned photographer Imogen Cunningham, et al.

Blessed with the "Cleveland Eye," my sister Donna has taken up photography and is also on flickr. Her images are often fantastically colorful and very popular. Check her out:

september 2012

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    percy seaton-smythe says:

    "Jane has drawn the transcendental san francisco, the smoothness and gracefulness of her art is a wonderful achievement...having lived in the Bay area for six years or so this is a very special homecoming."

    December 29th, 2018

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    Michael1624 says:

    "Always a treat to see the work of Jane Marie Cleavland! Thank you for sharing your gifts!"

    January 1st, 2018

Jane Marie Cleveland
September 2007
San Francisco, USA
courier at FAMSF