Disclaimer: Jaimito Cartero is a non-volatile postal worker featured in a Spanish language sitcom and absolutely no relation to me, myself and/or I.

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I was "tagged 10" by my good friend Thomas in Singapore, which apparently requires me to write the following little diddley before submitting any more photos of mad buffalo or stump spawning salmon…

1. I have an associate of arts degree in studio photography and a bachelor’s degree in analytical geography, both are obvious prerequisites for my chosen career in the construction industry.

2. I was active in colligate wrestling. My coaches kept me on the team solely for comedic value.

3. I struggled through five years of French classes. My coworkers in the building trade primarily speak Spanish.

4. I’ve never watched an American football game in my life. I avoid going to bars during playoffs because I’m afraid I’ll be pulverized if someone notices that I’m watching the barmaid instead of the big-screen.

5. I take a fair amount of pride in my work and finish every job that I begin. The exception to that is my own home. It has plywood floors and no cabinet doors. I like it that way and that’s the way it‘ll stay…

6. For many years I dabbled in law enforcement, knowing full well that my personal disposition had no place in a highly disciplined environment. Once, while involved in an hour-long high speed boat chase while still serving as a probationary harbor patrol officer, I was later reprimanded for having radioed the responding chopper pilot to confirm he carried spike strips.

7.Despite a social phobia that often annoys my friends and family, there are only a few things I find as enjoyable as a good hearty laugh, especially when it’s contagious, bordering on hysteria, and is at someone else’s expense…
8.Years of construction noise and firearms use has left me hearing impaired. A freshly charred forest is the quietest refuge in the natural world and the only place that I don‘t need to watch lips or read subtitles.

9. I share my house with a feral cat and two feral raccoons. They have their own door and we all come and go as we please, although late night encounters on the way to the loo can be somewhat unnerving.

10. I’m fairly happy with the fact that I’ll likely remain blissfully single for the rest of my life.

Noatak River Rum

Oh, and I always share my rum!


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    mcshots says:

    "jaimito cartero....a really creative photographer...a nice guy....and a neighbor of mine from down the street....is of absolutely no relation to ugly betty as far as i know...but i will double check that with salma!

    check out his photostream...theres a lot of quality interesting images in there....and i'm personally looking forward to checking out anything surf related that he shoots this winter on our local shores!

    jaimito cartero...hes not just the mailman anymore!

    October 18th, 2009

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    ^soulfly says:

    "Jamie is a great Flickr contact to have, really am not joking!!! And I always love and looking forward to hear from him. His editing skills is flawless and every photograph he capture is unique.

    His creativity flair is an embodiment of his personality; his character is manifested in his work. You do not know what will be his upload and on his every upload, you'll be surprise how good and excellent the work is.

    Of course, all these added up to his gifted eyes for excellent composition to capture and deliver exceptional photographs. I do believe that without the eye for composition, with good skill on the camera, you still do not produce a fine work. Keep it up and can't wait to see more of your work, my friend!

    Last and definitely not the least, thank you Jamie, for sharing your amazing talent, and most importantly, your friendship and humor. I am really glad to have met you here @ Flickr!

    Blessings to you my dear friend!!!"

    August 13th, 2009

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