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Thanks for dropping by! I like to think I've got a pretty wide taste in subjects and styles, but I'm a jack of all, master of none. A jester really ;-) I hope you don't mind a video or two sprinkled in between my mostly photographic stream. You might notice also I'm into color. Vivid colors. If you came looking for B&W you'll be wanting. No offense to B&W or B&W lovers... A note about Photoshop: generally I do not use PS except to stack images such as star trails or for blending/Orton/Harris Shutter. I can't claim pure SOOC (straight out of camera) on most of my images because I normally don't get too worried about the crop in camera, so will crop and rotate to get horizon level at times. I mark all photos that have been altered and don't try to present tweaks as SOOC. Nothing wrong with electronically generated art. If I have tagged a shot 'light-painting' then it means that I have not added anything via a drawing program to obtain the results. I won't hesitate to crop, rotate, remove hot spots, or use de-noise techniques to present you the best image possible - especially for printing.


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Groups I've created or co-created:
Deep Space Imagineers
Lyrical Time Wastrs
Color Mosaics
Proverb Idiom Time Wastrs (experimental)

Deep Space Imagineers (AKA Space Madness)
Light Junkies
Light Painting Competitions and Themes
Light Painting - The Real Deal
Compact Disk Reflections

Here is the blind or black pan/zoom process (now better known as the lens cap trick):
Zoom in on the moon and take as many shots as needed to understand where your exposure time needs to be to keep from "blowing it out" (losing the detail).
Then do the same for the second exposure and make sure you have some kind of reference so you can know where to aim.
Finally, point back at the moon and lock the shutter release. After the determined exposure time, cover the lens and then re-aim to the second spot. Zoom out and uncover the lens for the determined second exposure. Release the lock. Pray. Repeat as needed. Or just take 2 photos and layer them in Photoshop. But what's the fun in that?

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Disclaimer: Many of my photos are CC licensed such that my permission to post them is not required, as long as there is attribution back to my stream. I do not necessarily endorse any blog, article, or other medium containing my photos.

Please respect my copyrights. If you want to use a photo ask my permission and I may grant it in some settings. Thank you!

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    TxPilot says:

    "jah~ is a fantastic photographer with a wide range of talents! From outstanding night sky photography, to unforgettable mountain landscapes, to truly inspiring Light Painting photography, he always seems to capture an image that is a pleasure to view! And on top of that, he is a really great person as well! I look forward to more inspiring work from him and hope to get to work with him in person someday! :-)"

    February 17th, 2012

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    tackyshack says:

    "Jah has one of the most interesting, diverse photostreams on flickr. He's not afraid to try anything for the sake of a creative shot. His photos are a constant source of inspiration and put a smile on my face. I feel very fortunate to have met such an awesome artist and genuine guy in Jahdakine and look forward to seeing what continues to come next from this wizard behind the camera. Keep em coming Jah!"

    December 24th, 2009

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    Zeb Andrews says:

    "Jah has a wonderful sense of adventure when it comes to photography. He is always looking for ways to push the envelope, which I think is the mark of a great photographer. I have found quite a bit of inspiration in the work that he does."

    August 20th, 2006

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