“I wish to paint the joy I feel when I think of the places I dream to visit one day, trying to capture the dreamy colors, the dancing light, and the spirit of the landscape and wildlife around me”

Jade Scarlett is an Artist, Teacher, Online Instructor, Botanical Art Enthusiast, and Creativity Coach. She comes from a long line of artists and wise women and uses the skills learned from her ancestors to help others cultivate their ancient inner wisdom through artistic expression.

For Jade, creating art is a form of meditation and spiritual dialogue. Within the subconscious, there is a rich world of images; a wealth of connections and memories, built layer upon layer, much like her mixed media works. As a spiritual and reflective person, she is compelled to search through these images for meaning and significance. As an artist, Jade seeks to refine this information and create personal work with substance and beauty, work that translates the rich landscape of her dreams and the imagery of her inner journeys.

Jade is very passionate about bringing the joy of painting to everyone and firmly believes that everybody has the ability to paint - it is not a talent that only a few fortunate ones have, but a skill that can be learned and practiced, and once acquired, it opens the door to finding happiness through artistic expression.

When she's not in her studio creating, Jade can be found all over New York City bringing her passion and enthusiasm for painting to adults and children at private and corporate events, birthday parties, fundraisers, private and group classes, and Paint and Sip events at bars, restaurants, and other venues in NYC.

Website: www.jadescarlett.com

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Jade Scarlett
November 2008
New York City
New York City, U.S.A.
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Artist, Teacher
Jade Scarlett Art