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Jacob Gibbins is a talented freelance photographer based in Tavistock, Devon, an area whose natural beauty and proximity to Dartmoor National Park led him down the road to becoming a specialist in sports photography and outdoor location work.

An avid cyclist of all disciplines, as well as an enthusiast of anything 'outdoors', Jacob is able to capture the essence of these pursuits on film not as a mere observer but as someone who is immersed in and has a deep affinity with his subjects. His versatility is evident in his ability to confidently shoot landscapes, PR, advertising and location portraits, and he contributes to a growing list of printed and online publications, with clients spanning several countries. He is actively pursuing an on-going education, and has three 'A' Levels in Photography, Sports Studies and Geography, as well as taking an active role in his community.

Jacob's services to a client are fully-integrated in that he handles every aspect of the process from location scouting to post-production, and he works closely with each individual client to achieve and often exceed the desired result in a timely and professional manner.

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Jacob Gibbins
June 2007
Tavistock, England
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Male and Single
jacobgibbins [at] gmail.com