Just a misplaced Hoosier trapped in Washington state. Hey, if you want to see any videos, check out my YouTube account. If you're really bored, you can find my blog at JackTales. I'm not really on Facebook.

These photos are best browsed as collections. There seems like a lot of photos, but they were taken over 40+ years. I hope you enjoy them!

The Bettie Page collection: Some material includes adult content, getting either a Moderate or Restricted status. This would include B&D and nudity. You may not see everything, because your search settings are set to Safe. To see these Moderate or Restricted photos, you need to set your search settings to either Moderate or Off. You can do so here. This setting is not limited to the Bettie Page collection. There are some other photos in my sets that fall under the same Safety settings. Once you've reset your settings you can test your settings by either checking here for Moderate or here for Off. If your settings are still set to Safe, you will be unable to view these photographs.

Speaking of Bettie Page, I'm really proud to have helped finance the documentary Bettie Page Reveals All. It's being released across the US starting in late 2013 and throughout 2014. It'll be available streaming on VOD, Netflix, iTunes and more later in the year, and of course, Blu-ray/DVD. Yes, I'm in the credits! Our film's website is Bettie Page Reveals All: The Authorized Biography. Please see our movie!!

Pipe stuff: I'm an Admin for the Tobacco Pipe Smokers Lounge, Manager of the Cult of The Pipe WebRing, member of www.pipes.org/, asp, and the Seattle Pipe Club. I try to participate in Pipepedia, and Yahoo Answers for pipe and wick lighter (non-butane) questions.

Moe (it's a pun. nevermind.) embarrassingly, I'm also an Admin of Anime-Catgirls on DeviantART. Yeah, WTF. Just remember, big cats are dangerous, but a little puss...er, catgirl never hurt anyone.

And yes. I'm a contact/follow whore. Just ask, and you get added.

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Jack Huster
May 2007
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Brown's Point, Washington, USA
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