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During the month of April, 2011, I will begin converting this account back to a regular "free" account. Fewer than 200 photos will remain.


So far, over 900 photos have been deleted. The starting point was photos having fewer than 75 views on them. Many of the photos removed so far had been "favorited" by numerous supportive individuals and groups. While I DO appreciate all the kind words and thoughtful critique, it's time to move forward.


Many photos were taken during the 2008 Paralympic Trials held at A.S.U., in Tempe. Because of their popularity, those photos, as well as a selected number of others, will remain. At this time, I have decided that new images will not be added and the photostream will remain idle.


Everything changes in life, and this is part of that change.


As of 4/16/2011, there are now less than 200 photos remaining here - mission accomplished.


Thank you to everyone who viewed, commented, and gave advice along the way. You DID make a difference.


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The pictures you see here were not lifted from someone or somewhere else. If you like what you see, and even if you don't, leave a comment or send some Flickrmail. If there's something you'd like to see, and don't see it here, send along a request.


A number of these photos show people from behind rather than from the front - there's a reason for this. Some people are shy and don't want their face photographed - that's understandable.


Natural (or existing) light is a favorite to work with because of the opportunities and challenges it can present. Flash-strobist photography produces some fantastic images, but for now, trying to capture the image the way it is, without the aid of supplemental light, is the real challenge.


The photos here aren't achieved with the use of Photoshop. There may be some adjustments to light and color, but that's kept to the bare minimum. Photoshop is a great tool, as long as it's not used as a replacement for taking a great picture.


Photographing the human form in detail (especially in black & white) is something to look forward to . Large areas of skin such as the back or torso make for great photos with natural light. If you live in the metro Tucson area, and you're willing to be photographed in exchange for photos, let me know.


The goal here is to continually learn how to take a better photo and avoid displaying people in a negative manner.


Interesting tidbit - On May 25, 2009, 1,597 views were made in a single day - WOW.....unbelieveable!


In June of 2009, the transistion to shooting in RAW instead of JPEG, with manual settings, became crystal clear. The pieces all came together at once and the confusion went away. There's still much to learn though.


The equipment:

Nikon D40X

Nikon D300

AF-S NIKKOR 18-55 3.5 ED

AF-S NIKKOR 55-200 VR 4.0 ED

AF-S NIKKOR 70-300 VR 4.5 ED

Manfrotto tripod


Thanks for stopping by. Now go look at the pictures and leave a comment!

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