Since I was young I've been taking pictures. At that time I created mainly colour slides of our holidays. 1 or 2 films (with 36-39 exposures each) in a vacation at first to 6 or even more when I became a little older. 200 pictures of a single holiday was quite a lot at that time (80s)! Gradually I was looking more and more for the good or the perfect picture, the epic stories. And I was going use my DSLR exclusively for real pictures. To play with pictures I used my smartphone. Thanks to Else Kramer I learned to see I could use my DSLR to experiment very well too. I also learned to take pictures more intuitively and to allow myself to lower standards like a low ISO, the use of a tripod and looking (too long) for the perfect angle/composition.


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  • JoinedNovember 2010
  • OccupationSoftware developer
  • HometownHengelo
  • Current cityAlmere
  • CountryThe Netherlands
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