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  • Safety First by j image
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  • Waiting for the Sun to Set by j image
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    Uggla says:

    "to me jim personifies what flickr should be all about. you are not likely to find a more genuine and warm person here. i very much enjoy jims travel photography but where he really comes into his own is when he is portraying his children. these photos just glow from warmth and love.
    keep it up jim!"

    January 28th, 2009

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    CTR Image Photography says:

    "This man can quote Shakespeare and shovel snow all in one leap. I have had admiration for him for quite some time now. I first met him through other comments he left for his other contacts.

    I was always impressed with how much effort, ease and eloquence he used to not only describe the art he was looking at, but, uplifting the artist as well.

    The first time I was a recipient of all I described, I knew what it felt like to be on the receiving end. And it was good. =)

    The best part on his words are the sincerity he has.

    His talent with the camera is an entirely new topic of compliments we could go on and on about...which I am sure he'd let us. =) He does have a sense of that tool called a camera. But, it's what he does with his eyes through that lens that captures our hearts."

    January 12th, 2009

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    sam_samantha says:

    "If there's anyone that I would like to meet through flickr, you would be it Jim:) Your quiet, reserve demeanor and your thoughtful words soothes my heart when my life can get so out of control. Then visiting your stream and seeing photographs that celebrates life whether architecture, travel photos, or photos of your really brings to mind that photography can be a celebration of the beauty that we all Thank you Jim for being such a wonderful friend here on flickr and for always brightening up my day with your presence and your photos.

    With all sincerity,

    October 3rd, 2008

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    Jill. Coleman says:

    "Kind, geniune, and compassionate, in his soul and in his photographs, ..thank you Jim."

    July 2nd, 2008

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    t.elizabeth lee says:


    a loving father

    a heart of gold

    jim is the most beautiful soul floating through this world of flickr ..

    i am forever amazed by all that he conveys through words, both in his thoughtful comments and in the detailed descriptions he gives to his own work ..

    in this world of digital.editing, his photographs stand apart on their own .. there is nothing to enhance, nothing to hide.....all that he portrays in his images is perfection on its own .. as viewers, we are blessed to see what his mind's eye shows us through his uniquely artistic photography .. jim is a role model and this world is fortunate to have him in it, spreading magic wherever he goes*"

    May 30th, 2008

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    The Soul's Muse/Jenn says:

    "Jim was one of my first Flickr contacts, oh-so-long ago. I *think* he might have even been the first person to comment on one of my photos. He was so supportive, so complimentary and such a wonderful introduction to the wonderful universe that is Flickr. His work is mind-blowing, and his kind, gentle spirit is irresistible. I heart you, Jim! XOXO."

    May 20th, 2008

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    CiaoChessa says:

    "I cannot quite remember how I found my way to Jim's stream. Somehow clicking along through the flickrverse I came across this kind and thoughtful person who I now consider a friend. His images are evocative and his warm personality shines through in each one. His images, whether they are of his beautiful and expressive children or of a lovely landscape captured on one of his trips, draw out true and raw emotion. I often find myself coming back to his pictures over and over again.

    Jim, thank you for sharing these gems with us and thank you also for your encouragement and support. As others have said before, meeting people like you is the reason why I love this place."

    April 25th, 2008

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    flightless bird says:

    "fantastic, innovative, wonderful, lovely. thank you not only for such wonderful support with my own photography, but for continuing to inspire me to strive to make beautiful art every single time i see what you can do when you pick up a camera. astounding. xox"

    February 24th, 2008

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    jami~ says:

    "welcome to the images of one of the warmest souls and creative minds on flickr. in the time that i have had the pleasure to know jim here, i have seen a wide variety of subjects captured, all touched by his unique viewpoint and each with a personal element that can be so rare to find these days. and not only is his photostream a constant delight, but he also makes the time to respond to each and every viewer. thanks, jim, for making flickr a more beautiful place in all that you images and words and spirit. the pleasure is all mine."

    February 2nd, 2008

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    ~v.h~ says:

    "When I think about the good things that come from joining Flickr, getting to know Jim always tops my list.

    A sensitive and kind soul, Jim's comments are always thoughtful and sincere. As a friend, he is supportive, appreciative and encouraging. I have to say, that Jim's friendship has inspired me to be a better person.

    As a photographer, his compositions are often clever and unique, and his goodness always shows through in his photography - photography that has a lot of heart.

    J, you're a gem on Flickr. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Thank you for being you :)"

    January 28th, 2008

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    manyfires says:

    "What to say about J? His images are beautiful and creative, but just as importantly he's the kind of guy you feel so privileged to have on your side, as a friend and fellow photographer. His comments are amazingly thoughtful, and his photography heartfelt. I thank him for being, well, himself. :)"

    January 11th, 2008

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    photoeyesee says:

    "j, your wisdom, words and Images bring joy to my heart, eye am blessed to have meet you and that we are friends. J my friend !"

    December 19th, 2007

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    ckm2005 says:

    "I am very fortunate to get to know Jim through flickr - almost 6 months now.... , It's an amazing to see his passion on photography . He just wonderful and righteous person, he is a wonderful father and friend, just diggin deep into his photostream you'll know what i meant, the most important thing is how REAL it is.He is always so generous about others photos. I am very grateful for our friendship.
    Thank you for being so much inspiration for me and also sharing your photos with us here on flickr."

    November 7th, 2007

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    3rd foundation says:

    "I've known Jim on flickr for a long time and I've always enjoyed visiting his stream. Not only is he a wonderful photographer, but he is a wonderful father and friend.

    His night photographs show his unique vision and his commentary provides insight into life in small town America. Visiting his stream is like coming home."

    October 8th, 2007

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    shiphome says:

    "Jim's stream is one of my favorite places on flickr. As you spend time with his images, you realize that the qualities that make his work unique are also what make him such a special member of this community. He is honest, genuine, and sincere. He captures everyday moments with a vision and spirit like no other. He has a way of seeing places and happenings that most of us would simply pass by, and then bringing them to life. Jim's work has true soul.

    This passion is not limited to his own work. he brings this vision with him when he visits with others as well. Jim is so generous with his time and comments. He has helped me see elements of my own work that previously eluded me. In a place such as this, where it easy to pass in and out quickly and then move on, Jim does not. I truly appreciate his sentiments, because I know that they come from the heart. Flickr is a better place with him here."

    September 9th, 2007

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    .dale. says:

    "I've been viewing Jim's stream for quite some time, and I love how REAL it is. Besides it's genuine quality, he always has the right things to say about everybody's images, and it always rings true and honest. It's never a quick, "great!", he digs into every image and brings the words forward in the best of ways. Solid."

    August 13th, 2007

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    NUBBA says:

    "Jim... mi querido Jim!

    Alguien que ha demostrado ser una magnífica persona, que simpre es de los primeros en comentar mis fotos, siempre son sus agradables palabras, y siempre me arranca una sonrisa=)

    Qué decir de sus fotografías, se nota que lo suyo són las nocturnas, sus fotos de noche y con luces són sus preferidas, aunque también siente gran debiidad por sus 2 pequeños, que son una monada.

    Un brazo enorme, mi friend =)
    Hugs from Barcelona"

    August 8th, 2007

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    gee hue says:

    "Jim was one of the first people I stumbled across on Flickr. He is exceptional at discovering and capturing moments that reveal a great deal about the people he sees, the physical setting he finds himself in, and the mood at the instant he saw it. He is not only a wonderful photographer, he is also among the more decent person I have met -- he carefully and critically looks at other people's photographs, often finding elements that the original photographer hadn't noticed. His encouragement and attention to detail is without parallel. I am grateful to be numbered among his contacts."

    June 16th, 2007

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    AraiGodai says:

    "Like most of the flickr friends i've met here, i met Jim through an exchange of commentary, but unlike most people, his observation and expressive skill set him apart. He's more sensitive. He doesn't pass on and make 'fastfood' comment, he does look and often 'felt' the image. His photos and informative descriptions leads you into how he sees his world -- clever, full of character, and entertaining. Definately a wonderful flickr friend to have."

    June 15th, 2007

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    virginiaz says:

    "Jim has been a friend and encourager to me from a long time on flickr. His work is beautiful, genuine, and different.

    I'm so glad I found you here, dear friend.
    A big hug from Buenos Aires :)"

    May 13th, 2007

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    Closed For Business. says:

    "One of my favourite photographers on flickr! His photostream is joy to view!!

    He is also very wise and an amazing person to know!


    March 10th, 2007

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    Ar'alani says:

    "Jim is awesome. Not only are his photos beautiful and sometimes hilarious, they're very well-composed and professional images. He obviously takes great joy in his photography, and it shows. He is also a fabulous commenter and leaves such wonderful comments that I'm often laughing or grinning as I read them. Everyone on Flickr should be lucky enough to have Jim as a contact and friend."

    January 29th, 2007

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    lucy_nka says:

    ""The unique personality which is the real life in me, I cannot gain unless I search for the real life, the spiritual quality, in others. I am myself spiritually dead unless I reach out to the fine quality dormant in others..." - Felix Adler

    A quote that's hanging in my kitchen, one that I found beautiful and thought provoking, has seemed to find its redeeming reflection in a person who I am proud to call a friend. I cannot think of a better person than Jim who the words above describe. He finds beauty and depth in people, elements, and in nature, reads between the lines, and brings out the best in people through his words and his kind spirit. Humble and honest, Jim's positive outlook and appreciation of life's little treasures are evident in both his photographs as well as his words."

    January 27th, 2007

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    Old_Pro says:

    "A man with a vision, not only in his photography but also his Job, Family, and person. Deep thinking photos that try to find an essence rather than an image. His pictures are as he lives his life."

    December 20th, 2006

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