Most of my images here are captured with either a Sony A7R or A7R2, other wise, mentioned as a tag.

I have no interest in photographs of people. I would love to see images of some odd remote places where I can no longer go myself, or some interesting flowers, or some really interesting modern art, but no interest in any kind of images of people.

I sometimes shoot portrait for a few of local corporations in my tiny city, but I am not into people. I do not like people, I find photograph of people and pets very boring, and I personally avoid that unless my mom or boss ask me to do it and they often ask me to do it.
And due to very complicated legal issues of posting local images of local people here online , I would not post my works here or any where online.
All my work related images contain some sort of people or their faces, and it is not safe to post that kind of images online here unless we have a good lawyer to protect us in the court.
So I think I would like to just post some snap shots or documentary of my academic trips (usually some academic conferences held in Kyoto or Hokkaido area of Japan) here.
Due to my very odd work schedule this year and compromised health ,I can not travel far out of my area any more. The longest flight I enjoyed in the last 5 years was to Taiwan and Hokkaido (a 2 hour flight) from Fukuoka airport. Now I cannot fly really far. I guess I may be able to fly to Thailand or Malaysia again in next year or so(if my doc allows me to do it again), and really looking forward to visiting there again soon. But the place I really would love to go back to( once my health condition gets a bit better) is Boston. But sadly I know I would never make it again since I have been quite sick and I know I am getting weaker everyday not stronger or better. Realistically my health condition is getting worse, not better.

So now I would like to emphasize SIZE and weight really matter to some people like me. Young people may never get it now and tell others they should use a big camera if they are serious about photography. Or some FF fanboys ridicule a m43 user in a condescending you see it many times in many camera related forums.
But they will eventually get it when they become weak and everybody becomes weak as they age. It is really an unavoidable course of life. Everybody gets weak and sick someday.

A decade ago, I never thought I would become this weak, I used to be able to lift a lot on bench and I could run quite a lot every day. But now I know how my old parents felt about themselves when I was 25.....yeah time really flies , is short.

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November 2006
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