I've been kind of sick and I cannot fly far any more, so I am basically stuck at my house these day.

I can travel by a train or a bus, but that does not help me go out of this tiny islands nation.

It is kind of sad, but I do not even know much about my home town yet, anyway, I guess I have to live within this hell like narrow-minded tiny country for now........
I wish I could fly now, but it is impossible.

Anyway, now I have collected 23 mirrorless cameras and most of which are Sony cameras. So I guess I am basically a Sony shooter. My first mirrorless camera was Sony NEX5, since then, I have been more comfortable with my EVF cameras than my D-SLRs. I admit I am a D-SLR hater but I am at least honest about that.

Now , I use a couple of Sony A7R, a couple of A7M2, a A7R2 and A7S most of times, but my A7R2 and A7S are only used for kind of SERIOUS work, not for my personal snaps posted here.

I also use Canon G5X and EOS6D but my EOS6D is now broken , kept at my desk unfixed. I may buy it again as I like my 6D a lot for night walk, but fixing my broken 6D costs more than a brand new one here.

In last week, I tested the X-T2 and I loved it. I think I will buy it as soon as it is out here on September 2nd, but I am still debating the XT2 vs the XP2, I like them both very much.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this but I also have owned a Nikon D750 but it is also broken and kept in a dry box unfixed.
Nikon closed its main service center in Fukuoka city in this April, and now we have to send it to Osaka SC, and it is kinda expensive.

After 7 years with mirrorless cameras and having tested them in harsh environments, I understood mirrorless cameras are actually much tougher and much more durable than D-SLRs despite of the common believe- the high end D-SLRs are tougher than the tiny consumer grade mirrorless cameras preached by many so-called pro reviewers.
It is really impossible to guess true build quality of any camera by just shooting with it for a day or two.
The 5DMK2 was the weakest camera and the NEX5n was the toughest camera that I have actually tested in extremely humid Southern Thailand.
Anyway, the below linked image is my broken EOS6D, this image clearly shows you how fragile D-SLRs really are.


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