Japan, Tokyo, Chiba-ken

日本 東京 千葉県


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Cat, kirara-chan

This cat photo appeared in Flickr official blog.


Your Best Shot 2010: The Cats & The Kittens (Flickr Official blog)

Her name is kirara-chan.




gas meters and pipes


PRADA Japan Tokyo Omotesando:night ver. PRADA Japan Tokyo Omotesando:day ver.




The following photo was taken by Nate Ndosi.

At the party of "Flickr Turns 4 Celebration" in San Fran.

Taken on March 15, 2008.


A lady touch her own chin. And you can see her shoulder with flickr logo.


Please click on the photo link, and look at his photo closely.

And hover the mouse over photo taken by him.


Try this!



Flickr Turns 4


Then you can find my photo pinned up at the wall.


The photo noted above.

PRADA Japan Tokyo Omotesando:night ver.

PRADA Japan Tokyo Omotesando:night ver.


Why this happened?


Manager at Flickr, Heather Champ.

She has appealed to users who joined the group "Flickr Turns 4".


To everyone who contributed: a big thank you from Team Flickr.

If you'd like to try and spot your photo, check out photos tagged with "FlickrTurns4" or "Flickr4"!


Flickr users in all around the world, they can join this party with just a tagging.


If you're interested in this story, please read the "Group Description" of Flickr Turns 4.




I live, I photo.

Tokyo life through Photos.




How to publish your photo book by your flickr photos.

Real paper material photo books. And you can sell your own.



I live, I photo.

by Blurb


My photo appeared in the Magazine called INTERNI Russia.


Because of my all photos at the flickr are CC BY-SA. So sometimes press, media use my photos.


下総航空基地 : Shimofusa Air Base : ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)


How to geo-tag in jp.



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