Hello I'm Ivo De Decker living in Belgium. as a traveller I see and experience a lot,through my photo's I try to share it with you. I always go on my own with my bicycle on holiday,and so far I've cycled in all west, south,and north Europe, in eastern europe I've only beeing in Hungary,Poland,Yougoslavia,tsjechoslavakia,and East Germany. In America I've already beeing cycling in Alaska,Utah and Wyoming. Other countries I've done are New Zealand, Nepal, Costa Rica and the
south west of China,in Sechuan I've been cycling up until 4960 m altitude, this part used to be part of the Kham province , which is the most eastern province of Tibet . Most of my travel pictures are in sets for making it easier to get an impression of a country.
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I'm also member of an artistic organisation Mansveld have a look at www.mansveld.be

I like people who are leaving comments a lot so let the comments come greets to all of you
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ivo de decker
December 2008
Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium
I am:
Male and Taken
ivo.dedecker [at] yahoo.co.uk