I was born in L.A. in 1972, the child of immigrants come to the west to mine the opportunities of The Golden State. At the age of three, we moved to a small city surrounded by the eponymous orange groves of Orange County and gained the company of my younger brother.

I was an artistic juggernaut as a child, drawing ceaselessly and always receiving art materials from relatives. In elementary school, I had the good fortune of working with an art educator who encouraged everyone to “fill the negative space” and “don’t worry about mistakes, just keep drawing!”

This teacher was a wonderful influence, and I still hear her voice as I make art that’s bigger than whatever canvas is at hand. You’ll rarely find any image I create contained by the surface boundaries. What we can imagine is limitless, and it’s off the canvas that the real connection is made between the viewer and artist.

On my canvases, however, you’ll find a fusion of inner and outer realities, the evidence of prayer and communion with the greater whole of which we are all a part.

Presently, I reside on the West Coast of the North American continent, at the edge of the seas and on the verge of a garden.

Please visit my web site.

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Ivan Chan
August 2006
Ivan Chan Studio