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Iulia Pironea born in 1996 in Romania. She moved to Avila at age 9 and later, at 13, she moved to Igualada (Barcelona), where she actually resides. In 2008 she discovered that loves photography but it is not until 2011 when she receives his first reflex camera and thereby starts to completely discover their love for the art of capturing moments. Since then, his life is constantly attached to a camera.


for me, photography is a great way to express myself and to catch up moments of everyday life into something that lasts and remembers us who we are or who we were.

I love the joy it brings me when I can bring joy to someone else’s life by my art. I love when I can make someone smile, think for a while, stop and enjoy the life around us. I try to notice little things around us that others forget most of the time. I try to show people how amazing this world around us can be when we just take a look at it, I want to show the people i take pictures of how beautiful they are. Don’t do what others do. Be unique. Imaginative. Creative. Be yourself.

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