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    eenar_6 says:

    "mike's empathy and compassion shine through his work - a wander through his stream never fails to evoke some kind of an emotional response in me. i am a big fan - of the man and of his work. inspirational."

    April 8th, 2008

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    jeromerobbins100 says:

    "Sono grato a Istanbul Mike per la profonda poesia delle sue immagini e per la capacità di penetrare nelle pieghe dell'anima delle persone e delle cose che ritrae, persino semplice spuma di mare, che, attraverso la sua visione, diventa quasi una materializzazione dell'Anima Mundi.

    I am grateful to Istanbul Mike for the deep poetic ability to penetrate the inner core of people and things that he observes through his camera; so, through his eyes, even the sea and its waves looks like a materialization of the Anima Mundi (the World's Soul). I am touched."

    December 31st, 2007

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    selinophos_genea says:

    "Je suis très fier de compter parmis tes "contacts". Je trouve tes photographies pleines d'humanité et de poésie.portraits ou reportages ta sensibilité entraine notre émotion.bravo,tu es un véritable artiste, tu parles du monde et le traduit pour nous.merci à toi."

    November 25th, 2007

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    EuroKouro says:

    "Greetings Mike.

    First, allow me to express my admiration for your skill, talents with the camera and the ways by which you have shared from your perspective with the rest of us. I am trully moved.

    What has moved me to favorite your images is what I have discovered in the involvement of three sets of eyes: Those of your subject, your own eyes, and my own.

    There is an innate candidness in the eyes of your subjects. A photogenic innocence that speaks of both themselves and their circumstances. The eyes are the windows of the soul and in your subjects eyes I have seen intense reflections of the human experience.

    You have taken the photos, which starts with all the circumstances known and unknown that placed you there, before your subjects, and allowed you to photograph them. This is perhaps the moment most intimate my eyes get to see in the photo. There is your inner vision, that helped with skill and creativity guides you to retouch, crop and assemble your photos.

    At the end, here I am, seeing both the subject and the product of the photographer's intent. Seeing the way you decided to handle or share the images, seeing the images and then, looking into what you saw, and discovering new dimensions of the human experience in all 3 sets of eyes.

    Perhaps my answer can be summarized by saying I saw beyond the photo, and I was deeply moved by what I discovered there. I like the way you see.

    With sincere admiration,
    -Dan (Eurokouro)"

    September 17th, 2006

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    Robbie Locksville says:

    "Exquisite detail, feature-ful composition! Mikes work inspires me! Much long the lines of my own desired style! Mike has shown me just how effortless it can be to capture the beauty in the human face! Thank you Mike for showing me how it’s done!"

    July 25th, 2006

Maik Armstrong
July 2006
Istanbul, Turkey
I am:
Maik Armstrong
maik [at]