i love taking photos; isn't it obvious? :)

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    mistertang says:

    "bendy candy is an AWESOME photographer. he takes very AWESOME photos that has a unique and creative perspective to it.

    he indulges in "kinky" sexual fantasies and someday he is going to be a sick, perverted psychologist.

    he is currently in the process of self-study whereby he will force himself to relate everything in this world to sex until a point it becomes second nature.

    once he has reach this point of sanity. (sanity is subjective, for bendy candy THIS IS SANITY!) He will move on to the second phase of the study where he will take photos in this perverse state of mind.

    After which he will gas himself to death in a public toilet filled with carbon monoxide."

    November 10th, 2007

Mark Tay
December 2006
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