Hi, my name is Benjamin aka "Isengardt" from Esslingen in Germany.
My passion is photography.
I mostly photograph in the Street Photography genre because I like
capturing the social life on the streets.

I started taking pictures in 2007 when I bought my first camera and
since then I started growing an interest in getting better at taking
pictures. At first I took pictures of almost everything I could but realised
after a few years that street photography is my most favourite genre
of them all.

I am aware of the trouble I could get in in some countries by taking pictures of people without
asking them. But I take the risk.

I am not trying to make people look bad on my pictures, so if you find yourself in
one of my photos let me know whether you like it or not. If not I will delete those
pictures without any further questions.

I hope you enjoy my stream and also the ups and downs in the quality and the
postprocessing and I would be glad if you leave any constructive comments or faves.

So then, see you on the streets around Esslingen and Stuttgart and have a nice day.



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May 2010
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