"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages."
- W. Shakespeare

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”
- Diane Arbus

"Sharpness is a bourgeois concept."

"I know that life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference. Opinion often consists of a kind of criticism. But criticism can come out of love. It is important to see what is invisible to others. Perhaps the look of hope or the look of sadness. Also, it is always the instantaneous reaction to oneself that produces a photograph."
- Robert Frank




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    belgrave1663 says:

    "Hello; just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your excellent photos from so many different places around the world. I'm thinking of going to Israel next year in January or Feb. for a first-ever visit and your photos of your homeland provide a wealth of fascinating information. I also very much admire the courteous and professional way you stand up to the propagandists who try to use the comments section under your photos for their own political purposes. Best wishes, and keep up the good work!"

    July 13th, 2010

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    doylesaylor says:

    "I first came to Irith many months ago to make comments about black and white photography. I found out she listens to visitors. That's fun! After getting to know her work better I noticed she takes her naturalist methods and layers them visually in ways I didn't expect. She can do a picture which evokes in me meanings that others can't see. Which means if you look longer at her pictures you get more out of them. I like cats and Irith shoots cats often. But she doesn't try to make the cats play a role for humans. They play themselves and Irith treats animals with respect for who they are. Her portraits of people often are especially strong in the same vein as she shoots animals. She likes to take people as they are, not posing, not looking for glamour, not getting them to smile for the camaera. So that one gets the beauty of what is there. That I like. Not artificial. She is fond of Black and White photos. I like color so she and I are not in complete agreement, but her black and white photos are good. Finally the Flickr community of photographers has many different types of photographers. As a naturalist - straightforward - direct looking - photographer there are quite a few in that school. Irith examplifies the best of that sort. And I think making her a habit to follow will teach you a great deal about a good journalist sense of photography is all about."

    October 30th, 2007

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    BuckarooBob says:

    "Irith is that rare beast--a "thinking" photographer. She's not about to settle for something that is merely "pretty"--her images are deeper, and she brings an intellect and a maturity (wisdom, not old age) to the communication that is photography. I'm far lazier, and that's why I appreciate the way she challenges me. Plus, she travels in unique places, meets a circus caravan of people, and always shows compassion. Travel her photostream, and enjoy...."

    February 20th, 2007

Irith Gubi
January 2006
Tel Aviv
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