IPS stories recount the rich diversity of people’s lives around the globe, and IPS pictures bring even more life to our news, features, analyses and interviews. By giving a face to the faceless, IPS pictures build on our primary mission to give voice to the voiceless. Taken together with the text, images of people, landscapes, and events enforce the authenticity of articles whose copy could have emerged from the most remote village, hidden shantytown, or backroom negotiation that our reporters investigate.


We hope that the readers - who browse IPS stories in print all over the world or on the internet - realise the universal fact that day-to-day life of people everywhere is very much about the same basic things. Everybody longs for economic security, health, education, culture, friendship and love. IPS images offered alongside IPS stories encourage readers’ to see, feel, and understand the circumstances of their fellow human beings.

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