This was written in June, 2007, for Joe Strahlendorff's blog, at his kind request:

Author, poet, essayist, critic and translator, for most of my life I made a living as a publisher and editor, safe for the five years served as a diplomat in charge of cultural affairs at the Embassy of Mexico in Tokyo; now I am a professor at Kansai Gandai University in Hirakata, a small city exactly between Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. As it happens with most writers, my first interest has been always reading; the second one is now Japan. I came to this country after many years of reading, studying and translating its ancient poetry, but was never interested in modern Japan — what unending surprise it was, and is still, each and every day! Not so strange I took a camera, and I took it seriously. In all my capacities I have been involved in several ways (of course as spectator, but also as critic and promotor) with arts and photography, and have had the privilege of friendship with some great photographers, but before coming to Japan never felt the necessity of taking a photo. Here I feel it all the time. Photography is for me, first of all, an instrument, like a notebook: a way of reading (understanding, interpreting) Japan, a country of unending beauty, fascinating culture and wonderful people. But then photography is not only a document: it is an object itself, of contemplation; and a subject to think about and discuss — as you can see through my stream, I am not interested in a particular kind of photography: I do black and white, color, abstracts, streetphoto, portraits, candids, landscapes, minimals, use a lot of photoshop or none at all — everything can be good, or bad. Some of my photos have participated in collective shows and this year I had my first individual exhibit. I have created and administer several pools; the most recent is The Temporary Gallery. As I take a lot of photos and my photostream is huge, I maintain a selection at The Asiain Gallery — better to begin exploring there.

I write a blog on Things Japanese, in Spanish

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My 180 most faved photos are here;
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Groups I have created:

The Temporary Gallery
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 東京都文京区
The Ginza Pool
Fotos de Mexicanos aparecidas en Explore

Groups where I am an Administrator:
6+ Faves AND 100+ Views
The Street Photography Collective
Hit & Run Photography
The Beauty of Japan and China
The Top 20 Zen Pool

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  • República de Viento ¿déjà vu? by Jesus Guzman-Moya
  • Sin mi by Jesus Guzman-Moya
  • Fantasmas de madrugada by Memo Vasquez
  • 詩人は、新幹線で -Poeta en el Shinkansen- by Jesus Guzman-Moya
  • Anita, Memo, Aurelio y Yo by Jesus Guzman-Moya

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    johnwalford says:

    "Ionushi has a quick and unerring eye, and--within his remarkable set, "Now Hanging On The Walls" (Sept. 2007)-- great consistency in his aesthetic, as well as a classic Japanese sense (perhaps absorbed from his adopted country's art) for spare design, geometric rhythm, and the telling detail, as understood through a fresh medium, in this case, photography.

    This particular set is a delight to the eye, and a great privilege to return to, also as a means to refine one's own sense of how and what to see, as led by a man of artistic discernment, lively mind and keen eye.

    Yet, what is remarkable is that if one turns to different sets, one finds again and again yet another side to this remarkable photographer, and engaging human being. He demonstrates the capacity to think and work in diverse genres, and manifest a range of aesthetic responses to the world around him. This is work to return to over and over again, for one will come away inspired, renewed, and challenged to do better oneself."

    September 26th, 2007

  • view profile says:

    "Ionushi is certainly one of the most intelligent, humorous and subtle photographers I've come across on Flickr. His photostream is like a journey and he will be your guide, making you see the world through his ever special perspective and clever remarks.
    And as if that wasn't enough, he's a great contact too!
    Enjoy the journey..."

    March 26th, 2007

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    helpful airport says:

    "I can't believe I'm the first one writing a testimonial for this gentleman. Diversity would be the one word to encapsulate his great work. Abstracts, portraits, street scenes, traditional Japan... the list of his subjects goes on and on.
    I look forward to his visits to my stream when his comments show me things in my own work that I had not noticed before.
    3 things shine out from his photos and his commenting;...integrity. intelligence, and humor.
    Oh! and check out his poetic skill with his titles."

    January 28th, 2007

Aurelio Asiain
August 2006
México D.F.
HIrakata-shi, Osaka, Japan
I am:
Male and Taken
Writer, Scholar, Professor
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