Things have changed a bit in my life since December 2004, so I decided it was time to update this profile.

Even though my skills may have improved, I still feel like a novice when I compare myself to those brilliant, talented folks in Flickr. I'm still a Canon enthusiast - their colours can't be beaten. My current model is an Elph 300 - my fourth camera.

I still capture those food shots and travel moments. I still try to draw a different view out of ordinary things or situations, details that otherwise would remain unnoticed. I still want to talk about photography and make friends in the end. The only difference is that nowadays I have much less time for photography and Flickr than I used to.

I've become a freelancer journalist - which means writing texts and taking pictures for a living. Therefore, I regret not being able to give free permission for you to use my pictures on your magazines and websites, even if it's a "wiki project". So sorry about that!

Thanks a lot !

- July 2011 -

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    Violentz says:

    "Introspective's photos are always interesting and have a distinct style all their own. He is such a sweet person too....always leaving me thoughtful and honest comments on my own work. He's a great Flickr member and I look enjoy seeing him grow as a photographer!"

    March 31st, 2006

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    IseFire says:

    "Introspective's photos seem buoyant and life-affirming, no matter what the subject matter. I like that his photos span such a range of types: still life, simple snapshot, abstract, black & white, self-portrait, documentary, travelogue, nature-related, and more.

    Additionally, I think Introspective's Canon takes vivid images. (I also use a Canon, and respect the brand: my printer and scanner are also Canon products.)

    Like Introspective, I appreciate Flickr in light of Fotolog. I was a member of Fotolog for years. An alien visitor to Fotolog might conclude that 75% of the Earth's population lives on beaches in Brazil, and that "lindo" means "hello." (If that was the case, I'd nickname Introspective, "Hello," since he is very sexy and absolutely adorable!)"

    September 11th, 2005

Thiago Lasco
December 2004
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