I'm Infrogmation from New Orleans. I'm the same Infrogmation found on Wikipedia.

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My page on Wikimedia Commons.
I have uploaded a lot more photos to Wikimedia Commons than I do here. Some material is duplicated, some is not.

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Bastille Day Froggy Trombone

Adding me to your Flickr list
If you like looking at my photos and wish to add me to your Flickr contacts list, go ahead, no need to ask me. Please don't be offended if I don't add you back. There are so many interesting and excellent photographers on Flickr I wish I had a lot more time to look at more people's photos.

Reusing my photos

Most (not all) of my photos are licensed under a Creative Commons attribution license, as specified on the image description. Attribution either to "Infrogmation" or "Infrogmation of New Orleans" (eg, a caption "Photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans") is fine; for on-line use please also include a link back to the photo page.

If you wish to reuse any of my Creative Commons images on your blog or website per the terms explained above, you may do so without asking. (Dropping me a note to let me know is welcome, but not required.)

Note, however, that in photographs of recognizable people, the personality rights are retained by the person seen.

On most of my photos I have not prohibited reproduction for commercial purposes. Note that this does not automatically mean that it is appropriate for all commercial reuse even if free licensed. As mentioned, in photos of identifiable people, the people shown retain their personality rights. Additionally, some trademarked or copyrighted material may be visible in some of my photos. If you wish to reuse any of my photos in a commercial context, in addition to complying with my licenses and maintaining personality rights of individuals shown, it is YOUR responsibility to determine the suitability of the image for commercial use according to the laws and regulations.

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Infrogmation of New Orleans
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