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Photos of *December Sun (3)

  • A Meet-Up by M. Klasan
  • Ines Perkovic by Mirko Jankovic
  • 286/365 Star Wars Fanatic by M. Klasan
  • Starting project 365 by Neo Love
  • 285/286 Best by M. Klasan
  • 92/365 The Gang by M. Klasan
  • Ines & I in a polaroid by M. Klasan
  • And this is how we met. by M. Klasan

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    Mirko Jankovic says:

    "What makes you stand out against other photographers is your constant originality, which I adore. Your photos are so breathtaking, I always get excited when I see you've uploaded a new photo and you never fail to impress me! Ines you rock ;)"

    May 22nd, 2014

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    Flamuraliu says:

    "If you are not following Ines's work here in flickr, better delete your account!
    Ines is an awesome,wonderful, gorgeous, unique... photographer and seeing the world through her photography is such a gorgeous thing!
    I'm really glad I found her work here some years ago :)"

    February 12th, 2013

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    Sonya Khegay says:

    "If you don't love Ines, I believe, you haven't seen the world through her eyes yet :)
    amazing colors, light, softness and kindness live on her every capture!
    she is one of my favorite photographers who inspire me to move on.

    thank you, Ines! :) and I'm in love with your red cat! :)"

    April 1st, 2012

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    AndreaDrops says:

    "She's one of the prettiest girl I've seen, both outside and inside!! I love reading her blog and It always impress me how she can express her feelings so well through her words and photographs :)
    I still remember when I first saw her photostream and how delighted I was to see so much beauty in one place!!!
    You rock Ines!!!

    March 8th, 2012

Ines Perkovic
March 2012
I am:
history professor
B L O G + P O R T F O L I O