A broken man bewildered by a barrage of missed opportunities and well-hucked snowballs packed and shellacked with rocks and ice thrown by good friend(s)(s)(s)... Yes, it's all true: I am a bitter bitter little man, caught flat-footed by betrayal(s)(s)(s)... and so really it's just better that you(pl.) know it all now... because as you might be able to see, I've afixed a heart to a sleeve for the convenient gnawing on/eating out of... And now, while I try to get my whiney little head in order, you know, apply myself to the healing trinity: regroup, recoup, revenge... or maybe, aim a little lower and at least--shake it off, shake it off, move it along... or hellwhoknows--something!... So I guess, until I get it together, maybe, despite all the loneliness and despair and self-pity I'm choking on lo these last 3 years, perhaps it'd be better, or at least you'd be better off if you just took my advice: Move it along, Move it along, Nothing to see here folks...

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William Travis Robison
February 2005
San Diego
Fullerton, U.S.A.
I am:
Male and Single
International Art Dealer, Sound Editor, Reading Teacher, etc.
The Patriot Portrait Collectibles of Indignico Inc, Original Mexican Black Velvet Presidential-Style Portraiture from Tijuana