Do contact me if you want to use my work - for some people I give it freely for others I charge! Please do ask or at least let me know if you blog, pin etc my work


a multidisciplinary artist: photovisual, installation, performance. words. Interested in the domestic, fairy tales, plants, teatime, memory, light.....looking closely at the world. I live in a rural area, but I like to visit the city!


And I like looking at photographic work!


A lot of my photographs (and there are a lot) are of my daily life, my walks, my wanderings. Currently using mostly a compact digital and occasionally an Olympus Trip [when I can afford it] though have got the nikon and some film out and am thinking about getting the pentax mx sorted...and got some 120 film for a nice old camera I haven't used in an even older camera also! Also trying out an old polaroid. The tiny canon compact got replaced by a Ricoh caplio gx100, that broke and I nearly replaced with gx200 but in the end back to gx100. love it.


I put everything in sets.. sequence is important to me.


I do sometimes sell my work. Please contact me if you wold like to use an image of mine - commercially or non-comercially. Thank you.


The Incredible How shop at Etsy


Occasionally on eBay - vintage: books, magazines, clothes


I DO make videos, but generally you won't find them on flickr, sometimes there is a link in the description of a relevant photo. A lot are on youtube - the place for videos. Oh and I make videos where nothing much happens.

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Its not just the beautiful pictures or the uniqueness of the pictures but how she sees light. The amazing range of her photos makes looking at her photostream a daily adventure. She has profoundly changed how I look at light and shadows.

September 12, 2009