i always thought i had a love for taking pictures. only recently have i begun to realize the depth of the love. the technology excites me, the opportunity inspires me, and the power of a beautiful picture compels me.


I'm something of a film camera collector, and I'm very proud of the cameras I've amassed over the years, but I enjoy actually shooting them and figuring out where each camera's strengths and weaknesses lie, learning something about the development of the artform, and how to employ them in different situations.






Pentax K1000

Rollei SL35E

Canon AE-1 Program

Konica C35

Yashica Electro 35

Minolta Hi-Matic 11

Praktica LTL


Medium Format


Mamiya 645

Pentax 645n

Pentax 67

Yashicamat 124g




Canon 7D

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  • OccupationPhotographer
  • HometownPhiladelphia
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