Inca Pan (川貝母) was born in 1983, and started his career in 2002. He is a Taiwanese illustrator. His works are most published on newspapers with literature. He likes literature because he thinks that words are full of imagine and let illustration more inspiring . He also likes movies and has a cat.

川貝母 / 插畫藝術家
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Testimonials (23)

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    Aitch Heliana says:

    "Inca Pan I loooove you!"

    January 27th, 2013

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    Minifanfan Illustration says:

    你的作品真的很棒 都是一幅幅有诗意的画
    继续加油 看到你更多的作品

    March 21st, 2011

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    stanzs says:

    "Inca Pan has a visual language that stirs inspires and moves me."

    July 24th, 2010

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    nonoema says:

    "Makes me wanna live in Taiwan"

    June 10th, 2010

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    .taz says:

    "One of the best illustrators i ever seen"

    December 14th, 2009

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    Malevo Estampa says:

    "your work is exelent and very inspiring!

    March 23rd, 2009

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    catnez says:

    "I´m a big fan of his works!"

    March 8th, 2009

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    ken'mos says:


    August 7th, 2008

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    ycwycc says:

    "inca 的圖 超有想像力."

    July 27th, 2008

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    Rayy says:


    March 13th, 2008

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    falling_apart says:

    "Inspiring ! What I admire most about Inca Pan is his sense of catching the beauty - one of my fav flickr artist :)"

    February 29th, 2008

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    油姬 says:

    "喜歡配色王那些稀奇古怪又可愛的想像力,awesome art forever;D"

    January 12th, 2008

  • view profile

    Irina Troitskaya says:

    "Looking at Inca's pictures I feel like I'm a child again and life is full of miracles."

    December 12th, 2007

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    amy huddleston says:

    "great, great work, always a pleasure and delight, thank you for making such wonderful things!"

    October 16th, 2007

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    sandra juto says:

    "i love love LOVE Inca Pan's art, so much. it's perfection."

    September 26th, 2007

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    Sweet J (away) says:

    "fantastic fantastic fantastic!!!
    This is art!!"

    September 25th, 2007

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    SuanaLeah says:

    "Inca Pan is a wonderful artist, inventive and very poetic. He's a great inspiration !"

    July 30th, 2007

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    mnowacki says:

    "inca pan´s creatures jump from the paper to your eyes,
    and you ´d love to catch them"

    July 11th, 2007

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    malota says:

    "川貝母 Inca Pan's work make me feel so small...
    He create an awesome world full of amazing creatures."

    July 11th, 2007

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    THINKMULE™ says:

    "Truly inspirational and innovative works!"

    July 11th, 2007

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    bigheadedrobot says:

    "Inca is one of the most consistently enjoyable and inventive artists on flickr (or anywhere for that matter). Brilliant combinations of line, color, figures, abstraction, words, and everything else make these works endlessly fascinating. Inca surprises with each new posting, always stretching his ideas and materials, giving us new wonders to look at.
    An inspiration!"

    May 11th, 2007

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    LINJU says:

    your works are wonderful and intelligent. I am constantly amazed and awestruck by the sheer coolness of your works.
    Keep rocking."

    January 5th, 2007

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    _roberthardgrave_ says:

    "I just discovered Inca Pan recently, but what work I've seen thus far has been outstanding. I look forward to more."

    December 28th, 2006

Inca Pan
July 2005
台中 Taichung, Taiwan
I am:
inca817 [at]