Hi, my name is David "Bucky" Schwarz, I'm in my thirties, and I live in New York City.

A former girlfriend got me my first digital camera - a Sony DSC P200 (it's one of the best point and shoots I've ever used) for my birthday in 2006, and since then, I've been hooked. I got my first (and currently only) dSLR - my Canon EOS Rebel XT (350D) for Christmas in 2007 and had trouble putting it down for the first year.

To anyone who comments on any of my photos: Thank you. I typically don't post thanks on the comments of my photos because I don't like to clog them up with my personal spam. I appreciate it, though.

All of my photos are licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license, except where expressly noted. Download my photos, play with them, modify them, set them on fire. I don't care. I just ask that if you're going to use it in a public work, you give me credit, keep the same license and don't make money off my work (cause I sure as hell don't).

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Bucky Schwarz
May 2007
Orlando, FL
New York, NY, United States
I am:
Male and Single
Web Application Developer
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