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I'm in acquisition mode. This means I'm working to learn as much as I can about both macro digital photography and insects.


I've recently gotten an SLR camera, a Nikon D50 fitted with a 60mm Micro Nikkor lens. I'm extremely pleased with the capabilities of both the camera and the lens, especially in comparison with my Canon A95, a camera whose limits I had been pushing.


I welcome technical and aesthetic feedback on my shots, though I won't put much stock in comments such as "It would have been nice if you could have gotten another blade of grass in the foreground to balance things off". I value shots that show recognizable behaviours and at least apparent interaction with the camera. Now that I have a good camera and sharp lens I'll be seeing how far I can push things in terms of depth of field and clarity. I value suggestions on how to balance aperture, ISO, shutter speed and composition with the recognition that insects choose where they are, not the photographer.

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