I think art and love for photography is inherited, my father was a painter and practiced photography as a hobby as well as one of my older brothers. I've been practicing photography as a hobby too for 35+ years and as you can see in my photostream, I don't have a developed technique, shot whatever that is pleasing to my eyes and also like to experiment different things.

I like to use photography as a way to express visions or places in my imagination.

Michel Tcherevkoff, one of my favorite photographers said in an interview: "I use photography to create my own visuals. I don't record reality. I record what's in my mind, based upon what's out there. I have no problem pushing the envelope and making it look like a painting, an illustration, or any other word or medium that doesn't exist yet. It doesn't matter. It's not about the process; it’s about the result."

This is my way to use photography too, it doesn't matter how I got there, what matter is the result, how people react seeing my images.

So, see my images as illustrations of my thoughts, just enjoy the beauty of it.

You can comment in English or Spanish.

Thanks for visiting and favoriting. :-)

You can view a selection of my images on 500px too!

Some of my images are available for licensing at gettyimages.

My Book: Conversation Pieces (by imagonovus) My Book: Conversation Pieces (by imagonovus)
Please, check out my book "Conversation Pieces"

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    YourCCDA says:

    "Carlos, vous avez un sens du beau extraordinaire, une capacité de création incroyable même sur des thèmes classics ... un grand photographe !!!


    July 6th, 2012

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    Kiki FL says:

    "imagonovus is one of the most expressive and talented photographers I have ever seen anywhere. The depth of color and minimalist composition of his photos create maximum impact and command the viewer to linger in the landscape that he has created. Amazing! Inspirational! Superb!"

    June 3rd, 2009

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     WimKok says:

    "First sight of Imagonovus' photo's was amazing to me. Look at those horizons, those clouds, those neat landscapes. There is a beautiful serenity in those pictures, and amazing use of light. Please keep up the good work!"

    October 22nd, 2007

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    AJ016 says:

    "ONE OF THE BEST !!!"

    September 12th, 2007

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    busy middle says:

    "Carlos is a wonderful flickr person, has a kind heart and is one of the most multi-dimensional photographers in this site. I am slowly discovering his stream, side by side, pixel by pixel and I am always amazed by his new photographs, that are not, by any means, looking like the past ones. They are just revealing only inches of his skills and - maybe - imagination. Things that you can never see in any person in the internet otherwise and I would like to thank him for that.

    He is a gifted guy who has been studying colors for years now and this is not only obvious in his work, as it usually occurs with talented people. I will continue checking on his stream with interest, waiting for more and I will let him guide my imagination to higher standards, that I can not imagine or predict right now. :)"

    May 26th, 2007

Carlos Gotay Martínez
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