I’m a 23 year old girl. I am a graduate of community college. I’ve been teaching myself how to bake since 2007. I’m addicted to Frontierville on Facebook. I spend entire days catching up on my DVR list. I frequently live in another universe known as the blogosphere. But what makes me happiest is feeding my friends and family food that I’ve made with my own hands. When I can tell them every single ingredient they’ll be tasting in each and every bite. When their eyes close and that quiet “mmmm” slips out. When they go for seconds. When they ask what’s for dessert (and I made that too). That’s when I feel most satisfied.


Oh btw, I'm opening a bakery in Virginia Beach called Flour Child Bakery. "Like" us on Facebook to find out when we open! facebook.com/flourchildbakery


My blog: howtoeatacupcake.net

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