My whole family is photographic. There were always cameras. I was seven years oId, and I remember that I tightly pressed a camera onto a the hood of a shiny red car just to capture the color. Over the years I learned that light plays a role, and photography has turned from a hobby to a way of looking at things.

I have never thought about developing a photographic preference or making a certain sujet the center of my interest. I started thinking about that when I was told that I am easy to travel with as long as we are outside city limits. But as soon as there are buildings, I would (allegedly) develop a "compulsive camera behavior". And yes, I love architecture, I love buildings for their patterns, their intertwining lines and shapes and colors. For me, it is all about the graphic result, something you can look at often without getting tired. I rarely succeed, but I enjoy trying again and again.

Being part of the flickr community is wonderful. I feel challenged and inspired whenever I see the row of new shots of my contacts, and I benefit from your comments, your ideas and your suggestions, so please tell me what you think!

What else about me? University teacher, Marathoner, Lawyer, and Dad.

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    Agata...(exumbra) says:

    "Ralph's photography is like tiramisu: You can gulp the whole desert in one go and really enjoy it, or you could allow your palet to trace every flavour, feel how it melts on your tounge and slowly put together the differnt tastes and textures. Ralph's images may appear simple but, if you focus, you'll notice most amazing details, the perfect composition where elements truly relate to each other and the carefully chosen tonal range. So please, don't rush - let Ralph melt on your tounge :)"

    March 29th, 2006

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    Michael Mitchener says:

    "I always look forward to IHP's latest upload. His work is beautifully composed and he has an eye for finding unique perspectives. Ralph's interest in the world around him and his love of architecture show in his work and his interest in photography extends to work by others. He is always willing to comment on photos that appeal to him and I always appreciate feedback from Ralph as it's thoughtful, supportive and from someone I consider a mentor. Thanks for sharing your perspective of the world with us Ralph."

    February 10th, 2006

November 2005
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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