The official establishment and intuitional structure of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, whose preliminary foundation was laid by a group of charitable people to extend humanitarian aid to Bosnia in 1992 during the war years, was completed in 1995 in Istanbul, Turkey.
The IHH aims to reach every region hit by wars, disasters, poverty and human rights abuses, and believes that civilian initiatives play a complementary role beside intervention by states and international organizations in resolving humanitarian problems.
Wherever he or she is distressed, victimized by war, disaster, and etc, wounded, disabled, made homeless, subjected to famine, and oppressed, it is the IHH’s main objective to deliver humanitarian aid to all people and take necessary steps to prevent any violations against their basic rights and liberties.
The IHH primarily delivers foodstuff, clothes and tents to crisis regions hit by wars, conflicts, and natural disaster to meet urgent needs of victims. The foundation is continuing carrying out aid activities in Caucasia, the Balkans, the Middle East, in Southeast Asia and in Africa.
The IHH extends a hand to the people who strive to survive in the neglected regions of Arakan, Pattani, East Turkistan and Kashmir, which are hit by humanitarian crises, and has set it as a primary objective to bring problems of these regions to the attention of the international community. The foundation further provides health services in drought and aridity-stricken regions where poverty and deprivation have become chronic, and carries out long-term projects that aim at enabling local peoples stand on their own feet. In this regard, vocational training programs are organized for families; orphanages are provided with necessary services; health services such as maternal wards and mobile clinics as well as educational services such as setting up research and computer centers are provided.
In addition to reaching thousands of needy families through Ramadan and Qurban campaigns, the IHH has taken on nursing of 18.600 orphans worldwide, has opened 1.721 waterwells in 12 countries of Asia and Africa (Ethiopia, Somali, Burkina Faso, Chad, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Kenya, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kashmir, Kyrgyzstan) and has had 51.787 cataract victims undergone surgery in Africa. (2011,June)
The IHH was awarded by the Turkish Parliament with “the Parliament Award of Honor” and was chosen by the Turkish General Directorate of Foundations as “the foundation that uses its resources in the most efficient way.”
Having worked incessantly since founded, the IHH will continue to take charity to everywhere.

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IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
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