I hate when you put copyright straight on your photo, moreover, I have no idea why copyright photos: Creative Commons CC-BY-NC is really fair license, try it!

Once long ago I was tired shooting film, starting with some single-use P&S film cameras, then borrowed ordinary P&S film cameras from my friends. Later I felt that was mature enough to make photos with father's Zenit Soviet SLR film camera. When it came this was not enough for me, bought used Nikon F70 film SLR which settled with me for quite long time until I realized that I'm actually tired with not buying films, not developing them, not changing rolls back and forth, but with *scanning* them. Scanning completely destroyed my nerves each time the next roll was developed.

So this way I made a pause in shooting for a year or too and bought my first DSLR, Nikon D5100, shooting with it now and pretty happy! :-)

In case you are interested, I'm organizing photos with Shotwell and postprocessing them with Darktable software, check them out, they are really decent ones.

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Jenny Ondioline
August 2011
Drebadansk, Russia
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