Photography can be thought as Poetry utilizing Light instead of ink!

Writer, thoracic surgeon, Colonel, Hellenic Army Medical Corps

Head of the Thoracic Surgery Dept, The 424 Military Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece

Writer and author of books that present the case For the patients' Right to be aware of their own cancer diagnosis (a right still violated often world-wide).

Interested in Photography since 1985, those “film SLR” days…:-) Still interested in Photography... very much so‼️

Also interested in Poetry, Belles Lettres, Cycling, Wire-Fox-Terriers and more...

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  • Sunset in Samothrace by ioannis_papachristos
  • Sunset in Samothrace by ioannis_papachristos
  • I.C. Papachristos, MD name in Linear B by ioannis_papachristos
  • Meteora chilly b4 Xmas with Ralph by ioannis_papachristos
  • Μπροστά στον 'θνήσκοντα Αχιλλέα', στο ανάκτορο της Αυτοκράτειρας Σίσσυ της Αυστρίας, στην Κέρκυρα by ioannis_papachristos

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January 2015
Kalampaka - Meteora
Thessaloniki, Greece
I am:
Male and Taken
Writer, thoracic surgeon
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