Returning to Iceland after a 14 year long journey abroad, I realized how deeply my spirit is connected with the Icelandic landscape and nature, a tie that has never been broken. Located so far north, Iceland is renowned for its magnificent light, the midnight sun and the dark winters with the magical northern lights. With its active geology, providing erupting volcanoes and steamy hot springs, and constantly changing weather conditions, Iceland provides an amazing showcase of the elements in nature. Capturing nature’s elemental forces best defines the current character and direction in my photographic art.

As a serious amateur photographer since 2009, I have received considerable attention mostly due to my fortunate photo of a volcanic eruption underneath the Northern lights ( ), a photo that has been featured on countless blogs and a few on-line magazines.

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All the photos in my Flickr photostream are copyrighted. Do not use, copy or edit any of my materials without my written permission. If you want to get a full-resolution image of a photo in my flickr photo stream, you can email me at the above address.
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Trivia: The icelandic language contains many letters not to be found in the english alphabet. This includes a few letters in my name: þ, ó and Æ.

Þ is pronounced as a hard "th" as in "think".
ó is pronounced as "o" in "oh"
Æ(æ) is pronounced as "i" in "bike".

My first name is combined from the word "arn" referring to the icelandic word for eagle and Þór meaning "Thor" the god of thunder in Nordic mythology. Alternative english spelling becomes Arnthor Aevarsson.

Surnames in Icelandic are most often not family names but rather derived from the first name of your father (or mother). As an example, my father's name is Ævar so my "surname" is simply Ævarsson ( i.e. "Ævar's son" ). He on the other hand is son of Axel so his name becomes Ævar Axelsson.

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Arnthor Ævarsson
November 2009
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