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    Pinja Nikki says:

    "awesome shots! =)
    the pics from i.Anton are so beautiful and dreamy."

    12th December, 2009

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    for~the~♥~of~nature says:

    "she makes me dream.
    i really love what you do, i could hang each and every photo on my wall i think!"

    3rd December, 2009

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    Eni Turkeshi Imagery says:

    "producer of delightful visual candies"

    9th November, 2009

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    Emily Tebbetts says:

    "you are truly something special, someone that i am so glad to have stumbled upon, because all i see is beauty and inspiration in your stream"

    5th November, 2009

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    Jessica Flavin Photography says:

    "again, and again, and again you continue to amaze! every image is so artistic, you use photoshop light, colours and texture the best way and most beautiful way. if I had enough money your art would be all over my house! thanks for inspiring and always amazing."

    16th September, 2009

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    Arlyne VanHook Photography says:

    "Your work is an inspiration to those getting started...like me!!!! Just breathtaking!!! Amazing!!!!"

    9th September, 2009

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    Ana Santos says:

    "i.Anton is my most artistic contact I've ever had. I love all her compositions. She takes the simplest subjects, like bicycles and balloons, and makes them extraordinary. Love you, i.Anton!"

    6th September, 2009

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    Love is the key says:

    "i.Anton's pictures are so inspiring!
    They're full of passion and they make me feel more aware of the little things!"

    6th September, 2009

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    {Marzia} says:

    this stream is wonderful, you're really talented, your style is unique!!"

    5th June, 2009

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    Sbanh says:

    "truly breathtaking and amazing.
    Every picture she takes is a testament to how unbelievably talented she is!!

    26th May, 2009

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    FotoRita [Allstar maniac] says:

    "You are absolutely the BEST, my BEST on Flickr.
    You are an example for me."

    24th March, 2009

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    dreaming in blues says:

    "she has the most amazing & beautiful photos....so artistic and beautiful....so whimsical and real at the same time....always a pleasure to visit!"

    22nd March, 2009

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    ~Kell~ {Live Laugh Love Photography} says:

    "Her stream and talent takes my breathe away.


    4th February, 2009

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    rachel.am says:

    "Her photos are stunning and her processing is incredible! She has a great eye and captures some very interesting shots. I could favorite every photo in her stream."

    16th January, 2009

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    ~Ella says:

    "You are a true inspiration...."

    16th January, 2009

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    Elizabeth Pellette says:

    "Where to begin... Her body or work is simply put a Work(s) of Art.. Her talent goes beyond words.. each image has a magical quality to it.. I could spend hours lost in her vision of the world around her..She is truely a talented artist."

    31st December, 2008

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    © Meme says:

    "She's so amazing! Her beautiful shots always make smile, I adore each and every photo from her stream. She can catch beautiful moments , wonderful tiny things and adorable colors."

    17th November, 2008

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    Kettenkarussell-Photography says:

    "adoreable photographs!!"

    31st October, 2008

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    she goes a little bit slowly... says:

    "I love this stream..."

    30th September, 2008

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    TORI STEFFEN says:

    "okay normally when i am browsing a stream i only look through a few images, maybe favorite one or two, but i was so so impressed with all of i.anton's photographs, i ended up favoriting every single one i saw! i am completely blown away and impressed. keep up the amazing, amazing work :)"

    28th September, 2008

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    Joy Masi Photography says:

    your photos are incredible. i dig it from beginning to end. i can't describe how much i enjoy looking through your stream. you have so much going for you. i love what you see and what you capture."

    17th August, 2008

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    bye bye オモイデ says:

    "Her art just takes my breath away, enough said."

    10th August, 2008

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    Letizia Gilioli says:

    "Wonderful Photos for a perfect Photographer!
    I love her stream!

    Colori e emorizioni, linee che fanno sognare, un incanto di immagini e tutto nel mondo reale, niente di meglio che si possa desiderare di vedere!"

    23rd July, 2008

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    Sharon Lapkin says:

    "Hi Irene, I haven't written very many testimonials, but I want to tell you how much I love your work. You have exceptional talent ~ your work always makes me sigh or smile. You touch souls with your photos and that is a precious and rare thing. Thank you for sharing your images ~ they brighten my days and remind me of how beautfiul life is. XX"

    6th July, 2008

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    MakingMemories(Deja-Vu photography) says:

    "Irene is the most amazing photographer here on flickr..her work is always breathtaking and a pleasure to view..you can learn so much from her..her talent is incredible and I am so glad I have her as not only a contact but a friend...thank you so much for that..you rock Girl!!... you are one amazing lady with a heart of gold...hugs!!!"

    29th April, 2008

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    e.kristina says:

    "She is one of my most favourite photographers here on Flickr. Her work is so inspiring! Her photos are so poetical, feminine and emotional! They always tell a story....she is extremely talented to capture beautiful things, places and creatively edit picture to give it a touch of her personality. I love her colours, textures and titles. It is always a pleasure to visit her photostream and I’m always waiting what she will post next day. Good luck in the future, you are great!"

    17th April, 2008

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    "Very beautiful heart and a photographer with the soul

    I respect anton"

    9th March, 2008

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    dan [durango99] says:

    "always an inspiration and always a treat to see what's next in her 'stream. such visual magic created by her artistry. more than just images, but emotion and feelings come across so easily and wonderfully.

    thanks for sharing your work with us all!"

    18th February, 2008

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    MissJewell's account will be deleted soon says:

    "this will be a very short "testimonial":

    PLEASE Irene...dont delete ur 3rd account!! :)) i love ur work and style..:)"

    10th February, 2008

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    €eErRbBbiiIEe€ says:

    "Irene is an unique pearl of this world..........
    really : she is an unique and precious girl that fortunately i met.....
    obviously she is also an amazing and talented photographer and artist,but most of all i would like to underline that for me she is a very special friend.....

    i love very much her shots and art......when i watch her images i can always make a jump in a dreamy and fairy tale world.....
    i love so much the atmopshere of her realizations,they give me a maximum sense of relax and peace......
    ............ and i think that i have a such marvellous feelings because she is the most lovely person i have ever meet......
    my beloved darling,i hope from bottom of my heart that out friendship will grow up forever.....
    keep it on with your art,because a world without dreams is like a person without heart!
    hugs & kisses!"

    5th February, 2008

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    Elizabeth Salib says:

    "I just can't get over her stream. Each time I come, I come prepared to write a comment or two but leave with little or nothing to say. She leaves me absolutely speechless with every image she uploads. Her work is indescribably beautiful, and as flawless as any can get. You can tell that she pours her heart and soul into each picture, and that each image in her wonderful collection is carefully perfected over and over until it has become a beautiful pearl.

    Wonderful work, and I promise that even if I do not comment, it is not because I do not want to. It is because I cannot. Please don't ever leave flickr."

    18th January, 2008

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    photoeyesee says:

    "A Very talented and creative spirit...Your Images are sooo Beautiful and a joy to behold...Blessed 2 have meet you my friend ."

    17th December, 2007

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    virginiaz says:

    "she shoots dreams...

    shhh!! please don't wake me up :)"

    11th December, 2007

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    Extra Medium says:

    "i.anton... time to guess what the 'i' stands for. Ingenious, Inventive, Imaginative, Ironic, Invisible, IROC Z28... could be a million things. But the one thing is constant, she knows how to take a good photograph, and then what to do with it afterwards. Pleasure knowing you."

    7th December, 2007

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    digitalgopher says:

    "About a month ago, I added i.anton as a contact to follow her work. I'm so glad I did! i.anton has the magic touch when it comes to post processing. she can make even the most simple/mundane thing look stunning. She has an immense amount of creativity. I'm always looking forward to what she will post next. As for her photos, she has the ability to capture great moods in all of her shots. All of her photos seem so lyrical, so poetic. "Poetic" - that's probably the one word I would use to describe her work. Thanks, i.anton, for sharing your beautiful works of art with us all."

    27th November, 2007

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    silviaON says:

    "just love her work :))"

    14th November, 2007

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    Robert Weissner (off/on) says:

    "i.anton has a gift of seeing the invisible. Her work resonates with the quiet understanding of a true romantic who explorers worlds uncharted and returns with gifts that surprise, captivate and make us wonder. Thank you for sharing your vision."

    12th November, 2007

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    magga mold says:

    "i.anton is a true artist. I just went through her hole photostream and wanted to fav all her photos, but I restrained myself to a bunch! Her photos are unique, artistic and beautiful. She has true artistic talent and just the right touch to retouch her photography. Her work amazes me all the time and are a constant inspiration. Thank you i.anton to share your wonderful work with us."

    16th October, 2007

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    ScarletFaerie (K. Wood Photography) says:

    "i.anton's work is amazing, a true artist. She transports me to realities I never want to leave. Besides being an outstanding photographer, she is also a generous & thoughtful contact that leaves comments way above average. I am truly thankful I stumbled upon her stream. Thanks i.anton!"

    27th September, 2007

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    !!WaynePhotoGuy says:

    "i.anton has the skill of a master (whether she is unpredictable or not hehehe) .
    Her ability to see, appreciate and capture the varied nuances in light are just tremendous...

    It is a true pleasure to view her stream.
    Keep up the great work!"

    27th September, 2007

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    Nik The Brick says:

    "a PRO!"

    12th September, 2007

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    babasteve says:

    "I love the work of i.anton -- so dreamy and so real at the same time. Every image is a work of art, a masterpiece created by a master photographer. Thank you for letting me into your world !"

    31st August, 2007

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    Lutz-R. Frank says:

    "Regardless how she's called today on flickr - I'm glad to have met her on flickr. Her streams glows of talent and feeling. Her portraits are of the best I've seen around, featuring a great treatment. Keep up the great work my friend - it's a continuous fun to watch your work. Thank You for sharing these gems."

    23rd August, 2007

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    CharlieBrown8989 says:


    I discovered her on flickr.com explore

    After going through a few pages of her superb works.

    What I want to said is I am totally impressed with each of her master pieces. All are of superior quality & creativity.

    I am running out of word to say how great she is.

    Thank you for your kindness, loving & sharing as well as inspiration to the community.

    You are great.

    I appreciate it...."

    6th August, 2007

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    _marmota says:

    "For i.anton - so glad to see you're back. You have such a wonderful artistic vision that is a joy to behold. Welcome back my friend.

    For visitors - please spend awhile going through her images..there are so many treasures to be found..so well worth your time."

    1st August, 2007

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